XvsSF thread


he isn’t bad, he’s just hella scrubby, ggpo doesnt have the version that most people outsie of xvsf are going to play, his jump Hp jump Hk infinite is super easy to do and if you do not know how to fight tooth then he will own your ass, get a air throw to super and it does loads of damage.

He also has a hard time vs storm, mags, clops chun charlie gambit and thats half the cast right there lol!

however this sabretooth is godlike



That video was all kinds of swag.


Dude, even XvSF gets a shout out. Sick.



Can anyone explain the 200% trick to me?
Last time I stopped playing (years ago), the “instant game win” techs were guard breaking the next character (into inf), and dead body infinites.
But this looks like it combos into the offscreen character?

Is the 200% viable in a real match? Or is it a combo vid thing only?

I’m looking at this list here, the method I am trying is to kill the opponent with a multi-hit throw, then SJ before they land (since that seems to activate some sort of FS) then hit the next character with the move in the list above. But I can’t seem to get it to connect properly.

(I’m trying it on version 1, against an Auto-block P2, if that makes any difference. The Auto-block always kicks in. I’ve also tried playing against P2, holding back on P2 with my foot on the other controller, but I switched to the Auto-block method since the foot thing was tiring :P).


Sabre is brain dead, but if you use him right, he can be the cheapest character outside Storm and Wolv. Outside of Storm and Wolv, the only true counter to Sabretooth is Dhalsim. Other than that, he fairs pretty good against any other character. Sabre to me is the most frustrating match up other than LA Storm. One poke, and it’s instant air combo, grab, then super which does about 50% damage, then he can reset, and do the same thing. It’s frustrating to me cause you’re literally mashing for your dear life trying to tech out of that air combo grab, and if you time the tech hit wrong, he can launch and grab again. Despite these strengths, he’s not top 5. He has too many weaknesses that can be exploited, but I rank him around number 6 or 7. He’s still a pretty solid and easy character to learn, you don’t really have to practice to be good with him, just learn how to mash.


Every character in xmvsf has a gb or 200% link during the character spawn. The most useful and easiest 200% link however is Cyclops. All you gotta do is infinite, then time the fp right and it connects and you can infinite again. The cheapest one is Storm’s though. Although she doesn’t have a 200% link combo, she can gb. She has so many gb choices that she’ll connect 7 times out of 10 depending on what character you’re using. Xmvsf in high level play is basically a game of luck. You wait for the other person to fuck up, and then you exploit it.


Hey Cyclops…Whatcha doin?


Hey guys. I’m just getting into this game again and I’m planning on running Rogue/Storm.

Can you guys help me finish this Rogue combo?
launch /\ j.LK, Divekick, (OTG)c.LK, s.MP j.LP,j.LK,j.MP > Then what? Does it just end with some more magic series into one of her Fierce attacks? Or can I get a relaunch or infinite or something?

And as for Storm, I just need some basic advice and tactics for the moment. I can move on to advance stuff once I get those down.

This game is my favorite versus game ever and it’s about time I got good at it.


I played around with this combo for a bit, you can go S.HK SJ.LK Dive Kick C.LK S.MP S.LP C.MP C.HP then do what ever. If you are having a hard time comboing your C.MP you cna just launch them with S.HK right after. Do what ever you want after that. I gotta ask though why this combo?


Well it’s something fun to do in the corner. Is there something better with Rogue that I could be doing?


Having never played this game before, is the arcade release of this game the only thing that gives the game justice? Because in all honesty iv’e seen videos on youtube and i’m comparing the PS1 gameplay to the arcade gameplay and it’s almost like comparing two different games. Can somebody shed light on this for me?


final burn alpha :wink:


Didd you ever got ur PORT fix?


Was the PS1 port really slow because the video I saw one youtube with the ps1 gameplay, lets just say it looked unplayable.


i main cammy, and always get a kick when someone picks sabretooth. cammy’s j-jab beats sabretooth’s j-everything clean. she takes a while to learn, but you should never fear jump spam. even in the corner, push block then canon spike. after that, you’ll notice your opponent hesitate. proceed to rush down and eliminate target. if your opponent actually knows how to play, then and only then, can you play xvsf like it was meant to be played.


god damn i came extremely late… but… i really dont like that ive become the best player in Xmvsf… its not that everyone good left. noo… the kids we left have become levels of the old pros… but the fact that my storm is still top must say something?


Well tbh I rarely go onto ggpo to play xvsf because it is mostly compiled of peopel from brazil and it lags to much.But just to make things interesting. I’ll challenge you to a race to 10 on thursday. I’ll stream the matches but i do not want spectators on ggpo lagging the games =x


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