Xx Gns?



how can you cancel GNS besides after the repeating punches??
can you cancel it after the grab-kissy-thing? iono whats it called :lol:


You can cancel it after any gorund MP or MK.


ONLY after that? :bluu:


you can do: kiss, dash, hpxxgns

the rest… just look up foo. theres a search button up top if you go forums->advanced search. rogue has oodles of info already out. read taht shit


One more thing to note, that combo is rollable.:stuck_out_tongue:


IF perfectly timed, you can juggle midscreen. I’ve done it in training mode w/ the computer on all roll… and the combo connected more than once.

the d.hp is so bitch w/ timing tho, you’re more than likely gunna otg instead of juggle:bluu: