Y do some people give away matches?

recently ive been watching alot of videos mostly street fighter video and i know some people give away matches just to make it longer im talking about the best out of three matches. ive even gone to some evo events and if friends r playing each other then they will do this. from what i seen the japan players(japanese system) only get one shot and ur out so that way u play at ur best. just a thought plz dont flame me for it.

Usually the first round or match will go into reading your opponent. If you have the luxury of time, why not make the use of it and utilize it in a way that’ll help with the next two matches?

I could be wrong, but if I ever give a round, that’s what i do it for.

Because they’re gasp having fun and want it to last longer. People these days are all about going for the kill as fast as possible. Try living in the pjs and playing sf in the arcades with your last quarter against your friends. You let him win a round, he lets you win one, and that last round, you guys give it everything you have in an honest attempt to beat each other. At least, that’s why my friends and I did it before the arcade fighters started coming home. When playing against strangers, I sometimes did the whole “toss away a match to both rread an opponent, and to not kick his ass and demoralize him immediately” thing. Especially in Fatal Fury 2. I did that a lot there, cuz well…I was the one guy who always bought gaming magazines. I friggin’ STUDIED fighters. Everybody knew sf, but brothers in the hood didn’t know FF2, and I was just happy they had the balls to try a game they didn’t know about. I didn’t wanna run them off with my magazine-gained sdm and counter-attack knowledge, so I toyed with them to prolong the match and fell for things on purpose so they’d have a sense that they could have beat me, which increased the fun they were having.

This rarely ever occurs. Sometimes people throw matches to teammates because they knew they have a better chance of winning (but there is a chance they may lose the the person offering to throw it), but that’s even extremely rare.

Any specific matches you’re talking about? There are very few obvious matches thrown in Evo’s history.

yeah i dont see too many serious players just throwing away matches, i do it a lot in casuals just to see new shit, but like fuck that stuff flies anywhere else.

hell, I’ve heard of people throwing matches in the finals of some tourneys cuz either way they were gonna share the cash with each other, but shrug

As I said, “obvious” matches aren’t thrown to often. The TC implied that he saw people purposely throw matches at Evo, which has rarely occurred. People have THROWN them, but generally it is some shady shit and they actually make it close and so on, not obvious.

now that I think about it, isn’t that why either Sugiyama threw a match not too long ago? Something about school or something? I really wouldn’t know too many of the details though, because this was way before my time.

You’re talking about the first texas showdown with duc and ricky right? where they sandbagged and tied then split the money?

In one of the previous Evos the finalists of an SC2 tourney were good friends with each other and threw the matches so they could split the money. Dont remember their names but one of them was a tall black guy in a cowboy outfit.

“I think he said, ‘the sheriff is near!’”

Anyway, I’d never give away a match. It’s not smart in competitive play, and it’s weak sauce to fuck up a match just to split first place. I can’t think of a really good reason to throw a match.

Casuals are a different thing, but still, playing to win is a lot more fun than playing to lose.

Yes in casuals its called sandbagging…and yes maybe even the first set or so you might do it…like in NGBC in a tournament I play Athena-Kisarah first to weed out those that can’t handle my other super-serious teams. If they don’t get past Athena-Kisarah they dont see anymore!!

You gotta have backup teams…I try to have at least 5 REAL teams and 55 sandbag teams lol…:rofl:

Against The Triad though my other teams come out FIRST…so see how it goes??