Y the Last Man

so are any of you reading this??? if not why not, shit is amazing…if you dont know what it is about, basically there is an epidemic that kills all the creatures with the y chromosome on earth except for one dude and his monkey…and they are trying to figure out what is going on…

anyway, the last vol of the trade paperbacks came out (10 vols total)…and i thought he did a good job with the ending…i was not expecting the ending to be that good…

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Here’s a semi-related thread from like 10 months ago. Looking it up after all these months sure gave me a good laugh.


Y: The Last MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!1 did have one of the most satisfying endings of all time, though. I laughed, I cried, and my life improved tangibly for having read it.

Also, I bet we can say and do anything we want in this thread. Because it’s about Y, I highly doubt that Sano will bother reading it.

Yeah nice try. Don’t have to read every comic, but every post yes. :looney:

Don’t have anything good or bad to say about Y, just never read it is all. Still read and buy well over 50 books a month (and that’s a low estimate really) and even I’m not able to read everything. If people say it’s good I’ll check it out.


And there is no “if.”

Okay man I’ll see if I can find the first TPB.

I’m throwing my hat into this ring, too. Y: The Last Man is freaking amazing.

HeaT, if you liked Y, I bet you might also like Fables, The Walking Dead and Transmetropolitan.

ya i wonder if those guys from the other thread who were just starting it finished reading the series yet…

ya i agree with you the ending was very satisfying…i was wondering the whole time how it was going to end and that it was going to be difficult but damn that shit was well played out…

a friend from work said she didnt like the ending thought it was too rushed and it didnt leave her satisfied…she wanted more story dealing with yorick it after “the incident”…

the first TPB should be easy to find, they have them at borders and barnes and nobel all the time…

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I finished reading it but was VERY disapointed by how it ended; it is as the writer didn’t know exactly HOW to end the series and give a plausible reason for what happened. I actually DO understand the Cause of it as it was in the book but it just felt lame.

Y: The Last Man is probably one of my favorite comics outside of DKR. The storyline’s a bit clunky at times–after all, it’s just about a guy going from point A to point B while getting sidetracked all the time–but the dialogue is spot-on. I’ve yet to read another comic book where characters were this fleshed out and with dialogue this well-written.

Although Stormwatch PHD Vol. 1 comes kinda close. And maybe Sandman and Ex Machina, but Ex Machina is kinda cheesy. In a funny way.

Best moment of the series?
Hero awesomeness


When Hero goes up against Toyota, and says “rock beats scissors, bitch.” Then she shoots at Toyota, shatters her sword, and saves the day. Too much greatness.

Read the first TPB. It was fun but really disturbing. Yet strangely addictive so I’ll be back to read more. Good stuff! :tup:

I finished reading the series some months ago. Great story and I didn’t get pissed at the ending like I originally thought I would. Didn’t I hear something about a movie version coming out?

i actually cant remember the reason that clearly i have to go back and re read it…

it was explained in the 2nd to the last vol. right???

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How I understood it


[details=Spoiler]because Perfect Cloning was discovered, the need for reproduction via sex was no longer necessary, therefore males became unnecessary in return.
Furthermore it seemed that Dr. Mann’s role was completely changed IMO, the way she was portrayed in earlier issues and how her past was don’t seem to reflect her character very well.[/details]

the cause


i dont know if that is how i understood it…ill look into it tonight…i think it eluded to that earlier in the series, but then dr. mann’s dad had some shizzle to do with it…

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The Plague


That’s not exactly true. That’s only one of several possibilities. Vaughan himself once said that he wrote the definitive reason in the story, but purposely allowed ambiguity to remain (so the reader would have to decide for himself which reason was “true”) because in the grand scheme of things, the reason why all the men are dead is not as important as watching the last boy on earth grow up and become the last man.

Some of the other potential reasons for the plague are:

  1. The crazy pseudo-scientific explanation Dr. Mann’s father gave about how he injected Ampersand with some weird thing which somehow affected the Earth’s morphogenetic field.

  2. The Culper Ring created the plague but it went out of control.

  3. The mystical amulet that was taken from Jordan.

  4. The thing you pointed out about cloning being perfected, and the Earth “fixing” herself.

I just looked up Wiki and they got a list of the potential reasons, as well as Vaughan’s actual quotation that I mentioned. The other potential reasons are:

  1. The Earth cleansing itself of the Y chromosome, as the Amazons believed. (Probably the least likely explanation.)

  2. Changes in the Dreamtime. (I don’t really remember this one too well from my readings, but Wiki says that’s what Beth and Australian Aboriginals believed.)

  3. The acting troupe thought it was global balance due to the fact that the Black Plague ended when female actors were allowed on stage again. (Another one that is probably unlikely, although I suppose anything is possible in BKV’s world.)

There are probably a bunch of throwaway lines that contain reasonable (or unreasonable) explanations for the origin of the plague. We’d have to reread the series very carefully to catch 'em all.

However, my favorite explanation for the plague is the one from issue 30:
"You mean the real reason I’m the last man on Earth… is MONKEY SHIT?"
In all honesty, I think that about sums it up. And you gotta love BKV for the wordplay. I remember the day I read that issue. Seriously, for the first 29 issues I was dying over the mystery of the plague. I had all these crazy theories, and I kept trying to think of logical explanations using the clues in the book. But all my conspiracy theories were useless. Once I read issue 30, I laughed hella hard. Then I reread it and felt completely satisfied. I already loved the book, but that issue was a turning point for me in my enjoyment and understanding of the series. After that, I never really worried about trying to solve the mystery of the plague.

I also don’t think Alison Mann’s portrayal changed abruptly. I think where she ended up in the story was exactly where she should have ended up. Her character development was written very well and by the time they reached Japan and she encountered her father and her clones, everything she did after that made sense.

Yeah, I pretty much gave up at Issue 30. Love the series, read it when it came out, re-reading it again now.

Ah thanks for clearing that up, I have to agree that that line from #30 was epic win:rofl:, tho I do feel Mann’s personality has changed, her teenagehood didn’t reflect her current adult-hood IMO, but hey its not much of a biggy; Mann kicked ass and helped save the world :slight_smile:

The Plague


ya people get stuck on the issue of what caused the plauge but really thats not what the series is about, i mean its interesting to find out why but on the whole it is sort of irrelavant…

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Whoa, new people reading Y The Last Man. Have every single issue released and it was a great ending. Definitely one of the best series I’ve ever read. And damn, Sano buys 50 books(only 5% being good, I’m sure) and he doesn’t buy Y The Last Man during it’s initial print release? Damn you, Sano. Damn you to a hell where everyone with an X chromosome is dead(NO PUSSY FOR YOU!).

I seriously felt sad after reading the last issue, because the series was over.