Y2j; k.w.; requests are taken here

We have no structure because we’re cool like that. I cant tell you wtf he’s willing to do, but I’m not doing anything bigger than an avatar.

-Cool people get an automatic pass in line. That’s a given.
-I dont have any sprites. Jay, you have any? :rofl: Otherwise, supply them. Go ahead and supply as many as you want; you’ll get better results that way.
-I take up team AVs.
-Jay’s the one with the leet brushing skills, so take that up with him. I’m more so into manipulation and overall design now.
-I do NOT like re-sizing human stock into AV demensions, but I might try.

We accept Paypal and SRK pos rep.

Make an avatar with this, and make it good or I’ll kill both of you.

Don’t over do the airbrush, and keep it green somewhat.



:o you guys are gonna have to make me an av…as soon as i figure out what sprite…


I’d like to request a 160x64 avatar, leopard pattern similar to hugo’s shirt over a green background. I cant offer any pos rep but i can try to arrange a meeting with some estonian erm “nice girls”

can you guys take my previous request

thanks in advance


btw i suck at taking requests ;x I’ll get at you on aim, kw

edit: i have a feeling this will be the greatest/laziest collab request thread of all time

Jesus what is taking you guys so long?

Worst avatar rendering services I have ever had the displeasure of requesting from.

The International Avatar Association and United States Guild of Avatars will hear about this, I assure you.

We’re too exclusive to take just ANY request. All requests must be made directly to the jaykid foundation. We’re miracle workers; not meals on wheels.

Fuck you, cheebs. You’re 4th in line…the requests just arent here yet.:bgrin:

I havent forgotten the requests. In fact, I already have the designs for them. But sunday I got owned by the flu and I’m just now getting over it. I have tests tommorow, so I’ll start after them. I’ll start chibi’s after final round.

jay, pm check time.


Make it artsy.


Not you, Jay.

Ultraman is so cool.


So is Spider-Man.


Are you going to take my request, or should i go elsewhere?

So… can I get an AV?