Ya sa3 is cool....but wat do u do after?

i can land sa3 no prob but after that i got nothin . could some1 help me out? if u could give me stuff for 1.if the sa3 stuns. 2.if your in the corner. and 3. if your just in the middle. thx

If you’re in the corner, juggle them. Most characters can take a jab denpa (electricity), fierce elbow afterward. After that, just taunt and do a Fierce hook combo. If they’re not dead, they should be very, very close.


Yeah pretty much like thongboy said. In corner Jab Denpa, Down back fierce. Some people have trouble with that though so I recomend going for just jab tornado hook (at least until you can consitently do the jab denpa, down back fierce which will hit alot of characters with both hits.

In the middle of the screen the most you can hope for is another electric snake and only on certain characters and the damage is crap on it but the stun is still pretty good if you can get all three hits ot combo.

Stun combos are generally, Fierce tornado hook, to Fierce Denpa which does good stun and damage. Though test out all your options because alot of characters have character specific combos that do more damage. And I am to lazy to post the ones I know.

ok thanks so theres no hope in the middle? ok well thx ill try the jab denpa bd+fierce combo next time i get some1 in the middle. and if i stunn ill try the fierce spin punch, fierce denpa (i get stun alot cept on alex and hugo :karate: ) thx

In the middle, I usually go for Fierce Hook, back+mk and:

EX Hook for damage and spacing - It pushes them across the screen, usually into the corner, and knocks down.


strong hook for mixup - Follow up with a throw, a back+fierce (can’t be thrown), or something else fancy like Elbow Jesus.


So the strong hook your using just to get close to them? Same with the fierce hook?

i think thats in the middle if there stunned. are there any options in the middle if there not stunned? or should i just go on with my game?

Never do random fierce hooks. If they block, you’re screwed. You can get in close with strong hooks, then you can usually throw’em, which’ll probably put them in the corner. Once they’re there, keep the pressure on.

on smaller characters, you can’t land the db+fierce after denpa. so i just do either:
s. jab x4, db+fierce.
s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce.
OR s.jab, jab flying viper.

OK so let me get this straight- after a combo that finishes with Electric Snake like this one:
HCF+HP–>B+MK–>HCF+MP–>E. Snake
At the corner:
I also managed to get F, D, DF+MP to connect
Anywhere else:
Another E. Snake

Is that all? Or is there more?

thats all there is as far as I know, actually if you are semi near the corner, not actually in the corner but not at mid-screen, you may be able to tag hugo with a far stand hp, maybe I don’t know because I just thought of that and haven’t tested it. In the corner though everyone will be juggled by jab denpa to db+fierce.

  1. if the sa3 stuns no matter where i am i always taunt… that gives u an added boost of 8 points of damage to your next hit. so that’s a must. depending where i am and how much super meter i have depends on what im going to go with after the stun. if i’ve only got enough to get a ex. hook, i’ll go with fierce hook, b+fwd kick, ex. hook or i’ll do B+RH kick linked into ex hook. both do good enough damage and will get them to the corner no matter where they are… if i have the meter at the time and i taunted i’ll just go for a B+RH kick, linked into SA3… shit hurts no matter what character they use…

  2. if in the corner and i hit the sa3 just go for jab denpa, into DB fierce… i’ll also do a stand strong instead of the db fierce if i wanna reset and get the opponent to throw out a move or just keep the pressure on and do high low mixups…

  3. see answer 1.

umm i usely super cancel into it
works fine for me

For situation #3, in the middle of the screen, I use a Sugiyama trick that I’ve seen him do in a couple vidoes. If you get next to the downed opponent and jump and do a rh. divekick, you’ll land in front of them. If you jump slightly forward though, you’ll land behind. If it’s a close match, after an SA3, I’ll often do the divekick, land behind them, and go for a b. mk -> m. hook or c. short, and cancel into another SA3 if they connect.

Once the other guy gets wise to this, I’ll mix it up by landing in front of them, or if they’re doing wake-up attacks, I’ll do the divekick and then just block their wakeup.

for that trick, it’s better to go for Necro’s chain after landing in my experience cause it hits faster, and if they block it your much safer.

The chain I speak of just so everyone knows is b+s.lk to s.mp

Who can’t you Denpa after Electric Snake in the corner? I notice Elena falls down really fast.

everyone can be jab denpa, db+fierce after ES it’s just harder on some characters than others.

K thanks, I’ll keep trying. But damn it’s really easy to do it to Urien and the shotos.

Is it just me, or is it easier to juggle after [strong hook xx ElecSnake] as compared to just plain ol’ ElecSnake?

actually just doing an ES at point blank range may make it impossible to combo afterwards, sinc the ES is actually a projectile the farther you are away when the projectile starts hitting means you’ll be further into the move and hence recover slightly faster that, is why you should always combo into it first to make sure you can easily get the juggle afterwards.

Doing the juggle on shotos and urien should not be very difficult at all you just need more practice methinks.