Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah keeeeeeeen videos!



I guess i’ll start it off. I encourage all Ken players to post videos! I will be putting as much as i can of my vids.
I’ll start it off with my lili and ken team. You might have heard of them; Money inc. =) Enjoy

SSF4AE KEN vs Third Strike Ken Masters

Nice!.. i’m a noob-ken-player (1 week) but i’m gonna upload some videos too


Cool def look up maximillions vids as well. He plats ken.


For now here is my team preforming. Enjoy!


more vidyas featuring Ken and lili. I’m going to try to show off more of my ken tech and combos. For now enjoy the vids and follow me on youtube!


YET AGAIN MONEY INC IN ACTION! =D enjoy. prob one of my best matches i’ve played online.
btw subscribe my fellow keeeens


you realise you’re the only guy posting vids right? i’m quite sure people who did play ken either dropped him by now, or just dropped the game entirely.


I think I should post some of my Ken vids. Gotta get some variety going here, ya know?

Hopefully I’ll get a chance this afternoon, after class…


Here’s a batch of 3 of my matches with Ken.


I’ll be uploading more in the coming days. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve and stop jumping around like an idiot. :slight_smile:

I apologize in advance for the relatively poor video quality…I recorded these with my 3DS camera.


Maybe you should just use FRAPS and just replace the video’s audio with music so that you could speed up your videos just like what I’m doing with my match videos. :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting my past match wherein a Ryu/Ken team bodied me in an embarrassing fashion.



Well, I have the unpaid version of fraps, so when I do make videos using fraps I have to use 30-second clips and mash them together. This is fine with Street Fighter 4, since the matches usually last less than 30 seconds. In Street Fighter X Tekken, this is really, really annoying to do since matches last a lot longer than 30 seconds, so I just record with my 3DS camera instead since it’s a lot easier and the quality isn’t that bad…


thanks for adding vids in here. Keep it up!


Another match, me facing off against an Ogre/Hugo player. 2nd round, kept trying to cross cancel but kept failing epicly. Should have just buffered Heihachi’s counter instead…


EDIT: I’ll just keep adding videos to this post. A match against Maverick Hunter X (or HunterMaverickX on GFWL). Match was a zero bar connection, so I got jumped on a lot. :bluu:


I’m uploading and recording lot more…I’ll post a batch of some more matches once I’m done.


More Ken matches!




awesome more ken!


Why does it seem that I’m the only one posting stuff here in the Ken forums…I know I’m not the only Ken player out there…


I have several Ken matches in my replay collection (I’ve been facing a lot of Ryu/Ken teams) but the teams with Ken on it always end up losing or did not really show anything so I don’t post them here. I guess I’ll post this one eventhough he lost here. I felt Ken was robbed of a win here anyway.



We aren’t getting enough activity here…let me add some more vids.




i have to add more videos as well. sorry for the lack of vids.


I posted this video in the combo thread, but I feel it will be more relevant here, as this thread is active.