Yagyou bro, what'aya know?

I’ve finally gotten to seriously looking at using Yagyou after pissing around with it for too long. Trying to get a handle on unblockables and it’s use in general.

Please tell me:

What characters to use it on and why?

How to know if the setup is really being executed as an unblockable?

How do you get out of the most common unblockables?

What can be done with it other than unblockable and especially in the corner?

How do you execute the combo in the corner that has chicken combo into cr.hp into Yagyou with the st.hk? Can’t seem to get the hk to hit often and what strength of Yagyou should be used, on which characters?

Anything else that is useful such as strategies for ex sundisk since meter is more spendable with Yagyou?

Thanks guys. Oro is fucking awesome but hard to win with. Just makes him more awesome once you learn!

Let’s wait for Dander to share his wealth of knowledge.

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Unless your feeling chatty @Dander

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I don’t have too many general tips that don’t go far beyond generalizing at a character level but I will say that in order to get the juggle with the rh ender you want to:

hit airborrn opponent with cr. Fierce at lowest possible height in the corner and cancel that into fierce yahyou. Then you can wait and hit the rh immediately after cancelling. I’m sure there are a few points of leniency as you increase the height on the fierce a bit but for the most part lower = better chance of latching that rh at the end.

As for determining whether or not your set up will be an unblockable…

If you are between a yagyou and an oro with the yagyou and oro converging, you can and likely will be set up for an unblockable. What I do, is really just find out whether or not I have a roll option ( meaning I was hit with regular attacks, not super attacks. In Oro’s case, I haven’t hit the booger ). Once I determine that I do or don’t have a roll, I check to see if Oro is in recovery at all and then wait to see if he’s going to need me to move back at all to time the unblockable or bluffing me into a trap.

So in your typical chicken combo I wait to see if he cancelled the first hit of the strong or the second. If first, expect him to jump over you for a cross up. To fend him off then I figure out if his jump in will coincide with the first booger hit. If not, I opt to parry the booger low and then use left or right for the high attack parry and then block. If his jump
does actually hit at the same time as the booger
Now let’s say he cancelled into super after the second hit, I just roll and dash away.

Any time you see a yagyou that doesn’t hit you for at least one juggle point before you hit the ground you know you can tech roll and avoid the unblockable, unless cornered but then it’ll just waste away against your block and often times Oro can’t even cross up cornered characters like in Oro and Makoto’s case.

Now to make sense of that, use Oro and watch your opponent dude run around your yagyou and develop a game around that. This way you can get a feel for your options once your expeted conditions have been met.

Oh he rolled? Super Jump early enough to get on the other side and figure out a way to push him into the booger.
He’s not jumping? Get in close enough and use low forward/strong to cancel into a yagyou on positive advantage frames and close in behind the yagyou so that you can sneak in a cross up/free unblockable hit! To put it in perspective, I am playing Dudley and he won’t jump. I push him about mid screen and can’t really do it just poking, so I move in close enough and find a way to hit a low forward/strong xx in strong/jab yagyou. On hit or block the block stun keeps them in place long enough to let my yagyou materialize and I move in slowly behind it to make sure that if it hits I capitalize on the damage. If it is blocked, I can use the block stun (this is a pushing move so only one of the 5/6 hits will be pushing as it is blocked ) to jump over my opponent and set up another unblockable situation. Turn this into something a little more choreographed and you have yourself the layman’s Urien.

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Anyway, thanks for the advice.

I have some things to say about this, but I want to make a little video this weekend first.

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I’m doing it. This rabbit hole keeps going though.

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Hey man wheres your video or where are your tips?

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I finally got the hang of some of the unblockable setups. Poor Dudley.

@Chad how’s the video going?

Alarmingly slow seems like an accurate description. This is a bad habit of mine.


Is the standart fullscreen unblockable combo legit? I mean(for example against urien) chicken combox2, st.mp(first hit), mp.yagyou, wait until the ball hits urien twice, dash twice, jump diagonal, double jump up, while falling down j.hk.

It works…

In training mode record yourself doing the unblockable on Urien. Try blocking out both ways. Then try to parry out. If you can parry once (usually down) and block the rest then iirc you need to tighten the timing up because it’s not a real unblockable.

thank you.
did that. it worked. i was just wonderig why other yagyou oros go for the jump diagonal j. mk crossup unblockable. havent seen a good source for that. dont know how to do it. u got some video footage or something else?

ohhh and about the corner unblockable with cr. hp and hp yagyou: is there a way to break their guard without the last ex fireball?

im askin too many questions.

is sa2 soft banned in japan? i heard that rumour once

There seems to be three standard crossup types for Oro unblockable.

In the thread linked below, Jinrai drops some really well organized and informative posts about the basics of the sa2 unblockables against various characters. If you scroll down you’ll see him explain why vertical jump, jump over mk crossup is the only true unblockable setup.

After the corner combo with cr.hp into hp yagyou then hk, you can set up any mixup you want because of hard knock down from the super. For example, I think jump in late chicken stomp into combo or jump in throw or jump in low will work but the ex fireball floating behind them as they get up makes it a much safer and stronger followup.