Yagyou bro, what'aya know?

I’m gonna go back and read the rest of this thread, but I have to address this now.

There is absolutely no way that rumour can be true. Might as well soft-ban Aegis Reflector and hard-ban Genei Jin and Houyoku Sen.

Please do Jinrai. Welcome back. It’s been a while since you showed up.
Any extra insight into this thread would be great.

I quit playing 3S shortly after my Cinderella run at Evo2008… Chun-Li depressed me that much. That said, it’s only recently I’ve picked up an interest in playing again… but there’s isn’t much local interest and I refuse to play a game with execution as tight as 3S online.

As for insight, I’ve been reading my old posts and it’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten over the years. It felt like 2004 me was teaching 2014 me.

Thanks everybody for these helpful informations. Just a lil bit OT: why is it then that there are actually more sa3 oros around than sa2? Maybe im wrong. I feel the 3 meters and the unblockables give oro so much more options in the neutral game than other super arts.

Some characters can escape unblockables easily and other characters won’t let Oro set them up. Use whichever Super Art you feel more comfortable with, as long as it’s not SA1.