Yagyou Dama: The Game Ending Super


I would have posted this in the Oro vid section, but I guess it’s past due. In any event, this is a good reason not to use Yagyou against Q, especially if he’s chosen SA1. :frowning:

P.S. I’m not the fat Indian dude at the end; that was the Q player.

this guy is lying, i’ve met him before, he is in fact a fat indian dude

Like you needed another reason then 100% stun tengu combos.

Having some trouble with yogyou doma exec, i take it after the chicken combo i use the LP doma, watching oro man of gold vid, am i to push my opponent further up by walking into him as its hitting?



WTF you talking about? he is the prince of persia :encore:

steven is a chinese emperor, i promise, once, he pulled out a scroll, and showed me the lineage to his dynasty

Yes, thank you for the clarification. My dynasty didn’t last long and kinda sucked, peopel hate me cuz i forbid myself in a city and have orgy everyday…

The scroll i showed you is basically an old hentai comic book.

In [media=youtube]kC7sbZn77lI"[/media], how difficult is it for your opponent to tech roll? I haven’t had an opportunity to test on a non-computer yet.

In the example you gave, pretty easy to tech roll.

But you can time the super to happen just before or after makoto hits the ground.

Let’s say I’m a Defensive player… Which super do I use?

depends on the matchup…

Hey Zak or anyone for that matter, so for a while I’ve tried fucking around with doing chicken combo and ending it with a mp(2-hits), then doing an EX fireball. If you do it at the right time, it will sneak up on them from behind and hit them for 2 hits, you can do a bunch of things like UOH into mp, cross them up with mk if they are crossup’able in the corner, etc, etc. Thing is though I can’t get the timing down consistently, I thought that you throw it out when they are falling, but I think the timing is character dependent. Any thoughts?

I think the timing really depends on the character. Usually you’ll have to walk back a bit before doing the ex fireball, for example, against chun if you dont walk back, she’ll wake up and the ball is too far behind her.

Then again, against something like dudley, i think he wakes up too fast for anything to be done. Same with urien, i believe. But against urien you can do something really gimmicky/sick. Do an early ex fireball after the 2 hit mp, then do a meaty jumping mk on their wakeup (on the way up during your jump). The urien blocks this, and thus moves back… into the fireball, which should hit, by which time you do a mp from the other side.

But these setups are not unblockable (either that or one easy parry is all they need), and rely on the opponent not tech rolling.

But theyre fun, and can teach some players a harsh lesson every once in a while.

But I suppose, if I do ever a close mp x chicken, I’d much rather go for a solid finisher, mostly because I’ll gain a fair bit of gauge instead of gambling away a lot.

Just don’t try anything shite like this [media=youtube]4RxchjhtfKI[/media]

Oh, they are tech rollable? F that then.

well its a normal move any normal move is techable also nice set up on dudley good to finish them off.


Not the most stellar display, but i figured id post it for whoevers interested… something very strange happens at the end of the second video, at the very least watch that lol. This is me vs True Karate at MWC 2008.

Do the rocks that follow a uoh hit like an overhead? If not, there goes sa3.