yagyou strats

Play play sa2 but mainly to have meter for ex moves. The only time I use yagyou is when I hit someone with a cl. mp and know that I can set them up for the unblockable. Also I’ll use it sometimes after a knockdown if the opponent doesn’t quick roll. So basically I’m looking for any yagyou strats.

If you anticipate a jump, or they’re in the air for whatever reason, fireball with mp xx yagyou can be nice.

If you score knockdown/throw in the corner, you can try yagyou… then go high/low to try an score a close s.MP or MK into grab or something.

When they have no life, I do [FB x Yagyou] xN for shits and giggles. They get to try and parry out of it… it’s fun. :slight_smile:

HP yagyou, MP yagyou, LP yagyou is a silly little combo that you will never use.