Yahsiro & Yang avi request

Okay I’m going to try this again:

I’m trying to get an Yash avi with:



About that water one, is it possible to edit that color in photoshop to get his A palette in KOF 98. You don’t have to do all 3, but the water one would be preferred.

For Yang:

I’d just like to use this gif. I know it may be hard if I don’t have premium, so if its the last resort. I’ll buy premium, but please try to work with non-prem first.

from what i’ve heard, using that yang sprite to make an av is pretty difficult.

though .dub. has done it for me:

maybe you should tell him what you want.

Thats awesome, but now I dont want that yang av because I feel like a copy cat :sad:

You wanted Yun and Yashiro combined in one AV or…?

If seperate you can put a nice bg…:tup:


That’s pretty cool in a weird way, but I wanted a different AV for both characters. :sweat:

Judging the size, is an AV with the water bottle and a color edit impossible?

it’s cool, man. i came up with the idea, and he made everything work.

i actually got an idea for your av:

maybe you could have yang doing the teleport, and have the other guy spinning around in a circle afterwards (like a top). get it? spinning in a circle? spinning beat? :rofl: i’m terrible.

[edit] oh damn. sas came up with one already.

Something tells me,you want Yang to dash by,with the water sprite making it look like it spills on his face,and then using the 2nd sprite where he gets pissed off

No, no, no

I wanted two different avatars.

I wanted one where Yashiro is doing his water winpose, and entirely different one with Yang doing the dash.

So I wanted both the characters, in their own avatars.

I hope this is the color you were talking about…[there might be an easier way to palette swap, I dunno].

I can add a bg still. It came out surprisingly low on KB. :tup:

Not feelin the text, I would rather do without it (my name that is). Add a bg if you can, you have good tastes so I trust your judgment.

Good Job Sam! :tup:




Just playin’ yo. Aight, I’m on it.



sas, if you look carefully, that version starts off with red and blue on his jacket, then ends with just red. just letting you know. :tup:

Fug, your right yo. I keep my monitor hella dark but when I amped it up to 100% bright, I saw it. [back to photoshop I go!]

Good lookin’ out str[e]ak! :tup:

Edit: Okay, here’s the last one because I keep changing it and it ain’t gettin’ any better from what I’ve seen…LoL. Fug…

[Scanline revival!]

Fucking awesome

wtf @ asking for 2 avatars.


either way…dope shit, Sasmasta.

or should I say “sam” :rofl:


OMG@ the scanline revival

Dope as fuck!!!


EDIT: Dude, my bad I thought your name was Samasta, proves I need to get some sleep.