Yakuza Punk


Hey guys I was just running a coloring test. Here is a drawing by Yakuza Punk and colors by me. What do you think?


yo, thats bad-ass


Yuri and Friends get Nakey!

I say yakuzapunk needs to color like this :wink:

damn pi0mp line artfrom yakuza and damn pi0mp coloring from SFMC makes two pi0mps.


looks like sfmc redrew alot of it,cause the drawing is actually good. the coloring is good, overall i think its a bit warm. you have the warm from the glove,the red clothes and the warm brown background. try using a bit a a cool color and he will be banging.


a very traditional style painting u do. it COULD of been better, its good, maybe the lineart didnt really allow you to get fancy, but that isnt always a good thing.


Damn it! I didn’t mean to bring bad news, but I’m afraid It needed a bit more time to draw out. Sorry, I had to find more of your work. Got my attention. Overall, Coloring A++, but like I said the drawing is off a bit. Sorry! Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


wow, great job… damn…