yakuza yang


I went ahead and color it, even though the pose is wack.



I Like the pose. And the colorin kicks ass.

He looks badass mean!

Awesome work!


lol kill bill yang comes to life. :slight_smile:


Damn Dios X, whered you get that av from? and all your pass av’s:p


What software did you use to color, good job.


lookin good. Yang makes a badass yakuza :slight_smile: The pose isn’t that whack at all, just needs some minor adjustment. Hope you don’t mind the quick paint-over. To make that knee come forward and then have the lower leg go back all you need to do is first lift up that heel on the back foot, then throw a nice highlight on that knee, and then darken up the lower leg. I also dropped a little highlight and shadow here and there to match the leg. Hope that helps.


very nice, thanks!


I used photoshop 7 with a graphire tablet.