Yall some racist


Ma homegirl shanice showed me some fucked up shit on this site, fo real. Imagemishmash got girl threads right, and like I’m coo wit dat cuz shit you know a man gotta look at some fine women so I undastand ya know? But then she told me some fucked shit yall got goin on there

How come the white girl thread got way way more posts than the fuckin black girl thread? Why is that? I go in the black girl thread(where yall lumped latin bitches in there dunno why) and most the damn posts is fuckin chihuaha lookin ass mexisluts all up in there, and hardly any fine ass black women(like mahself). Then I see some ching chong bitches thread where all yall post is asian bitches, I’m like nigga please, you know black men don’t want no asian bitches, da fuck they got that a siasta aint got? A flat ass and a flat face? Fuck that

But tha worst shit though, the worst is when I saw dat white girl thread, dat shit got way more posts than the black girl thread. So what, yall on some sellout ish now? Is dat it? You some sellout ass niggas? What a white bitch got and gon do that a blac k woman aint got and cant do? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit boy. You siting there all excited over some flat assed fucking BECKIES, check this shit out


Only some niggas on some sellout ass booshit would take some flatassed fuckin bird nose becky bitch with limp ass wet dog blonde hair and blue demonic ass looking eyes over them fine ass mafuccin ebony QUEENS, fa real


Black booty sucks. A3 has Karin booty.


whats a nubian?


Watch dat video above then say dat shit again boy, black women got all dat ass for DAYS

them ching chong and becky ass bitches aint got SHIT, don’t let dat kim kardashian bitch fool yo asses, dat white slut ass is FAKE!

dude above me, imma explain, a Nubian is an AFRICAN, a nubian queen is a woman is great reknown, a woman that all men lust after, which is why despite all dat shit white boys be sayin bout us sistas their mafuccin ancestors wasn’t sayin dat shit cuz they was all ovah DIS ASS!


Fuck you nigga. :lol:

Hell I’ve been to the ATL. I KNOW you aint shit.


you so ugly


I aint shit? I AINT SHIT? Fuck you mafucca, you think you all that? Why, cuz you go to da club gettin dome from some fuckin white ass becky? Beckies aint shit, any dumbass no play no game havin sellout bitch can get a fuckin becky, they all slutty as shit, bitches giving anal and dps and fuckin deepthroat on the first DATE

Come to the ATL and see some REAL women, not some becky with fuckin limp ass dog hair running around all “look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!” fuck that, becky can KISS MAH ASS


A beginner tranny?


Kzoh 2.0


But what if I like both? Cause nowadays white women have “dat ass” and black women never stopped being hot. Same for my Latin queens, and Asian cuties. Ya’ll know what time it is.

ALSO just cause somebody dates a white woman doesn’t mean they dislike black women or any other race of female for that matter. You been spending way too much time on worldstarhip hop and I think it turned you mildly retarded OP.


I’m more of an Amy and Cindy guy, fuck Becky. Pun intended.


The funny thing is I AM from ATL. Never expected that did you?


Hell, I’m white and I knew that. What’s wrong with the rest of you? :xeye:


This thread is gonna be awesome. :tup:


Yeah seriously one time this black girl at target I mean JESUS. I had to ask if it was fake or not it was so damn big. I mean I thought she took her giant tittys and put them in her ass. :lol:


White bitches aint shit, and they asses always be fake or flabby as shit, no becky can compare to a mafuccin BLACK QUEEN

and asian women? Hahahahahahahahaha I hope you aint serious?


I dont think this thread will get to much mileage…he’ll probably end up in the relationship thread after all is said and done…


Well you would be counted absent at night school at least. :lol:


Dude WOMEN are hot. If you aren’t attracted to a certain race of woman fine. But just cause I put my penis in a black woman doesn’t mean I dislike white women. and vice versa. You sir are a racist and a troll.


Im a mafuccin woman, not a damn man, you betta recognize before I slap tha taste out yo fuccin mouth.

Black queens:

Ugly ass beckies:

Look at that becky fuccin facial structure an shit, bitch look like a MAN
If you find that sexier than a black woman, you on some DL shit, serious