Yama Block strings?

What are some good ways to guard break or pressure with yamazaki?

I use:

low jump forward, s.fierce, serpent slash.
l.jabx2, s.fierce, serpent slash.
Close s.fierce, dust kick, serpent slash.

If you get them to block a c.jab, you should repeat the jab then dust kick xx serpent slash. Keep in mind, N-Groove CAN counter roll between the kick and the slash and kick your ass, but this is counterable (by delaying the slash).

Also, his s.fierce from a certain range is always cancellable into the fierce knife. Learn the range in which they’ll have to block both hits. S.fierce is a good poke for Yamazaki for this reason.

Also don’t forget about stopping a string and going into the headbutt.

Can they punish you after blocking both hits of yama’s fierce knife?

Outside of a level 3…No, they can’t punish you as far as I know. The block stun on the (HP) Knife Slash is really good. Even though you have a bit of recovery, you almost always end up being able to block or super them if they try anything after blocking the knife. I’ll check it out later today and post again if I find anything.


I was right. If both hits of the (HP) Knife Slash are BLOCKED (not just defended or parried) then there is absolutely NOTHING in the game that can punish him unless he just stands there afterwards. The opponent’s blockstun while blocking the move is really long and you are pushed back slightly after the second hit. The only thing that might catch you off guard would be Zangief’s Final Atomic Buster, but only if you just stand there and let him grab you. This is a really safe move to use if you know it is gonna hit or be blocked by the opponent.


I can see adding this to my mixups. Thanks for finding out!

serpent slash

yama’s c.jabx2, s.hp, sepent slash or c.jabx2, sand kick, sepent slash is not a good idea aginst balrog, cammy, bison, guile. due to the faq that they can all hit back if they have lv.3 supers.

it dont matter if its blocked or they get hit. so becareful with those sepent slashes. his sepent slash has enough lag to get hit by quick lv.3 super (with range):bluu:. BE CAUTIONED

Alphastorm: Try c.JP c.JP s.FP xx FP Knife Slash.

I believe it’s a good block string because the two jabs and fierce put Yama in the ideal range to get off an unpunishable knife slash. Landing it takes off half the guard meter.

I’m certainly not a Yama pro so someone else please confirm or deny the use of this string for guard crushing.

I was thinking since FP knife is unpunishable right after you get one off… what about the drill?
I was wondering if you could tick into it, or someting, that would be too pimp.

Mine’s are c.lpx2 , hp to hidra’s judgment and after that walk back a little and s.hk . i use and abuse hk cause it’s good priority
and recover’s pretty fast to do it again and since it has a long 3 character length it’s good to keep away closing opponents and prevent them to have any momemtun to attack you also can i have any tips to land throw super since i olny use gilliotine:lol:

i really dont see the advantage of the throw super. i tried it out in training mode, and the AA super did more damage. the throw super is harder to pull off, is difficult to set up , and has much less range:lame:

Pretty much all of his main moves (Knife and Serpent Slash) are VERY hard to retaliate against, I don’t even think you can.

A good favorite is c.Forward, s.Fierce, Dust -> Serpent Slash or Strong Knife swipe


His throw super is awesome.
you can mash it for damage, and has huge priority. ive manage to lvl1 throw people out of supers like kens lvl3 reppa before. try it out. i use this quite alot, like for wake up and stuff.