Yamazaki a girl?

I saw someone on youtube that tournament player yamazaki was a girl. I can’t remember exactly where. Is this really true?

No, he’s a somewhat nerdy-looking guy with glasses. The SRKer Forgenjuro posted pics a long time ago. They might still be up on his Myspace.

Basically, when you read something on Youtube, assume it’s wrong. Works every time.

Yamazaki is a girl. I had sex with her recently in Japan and now I’m a really good 12 player. Who would have thought?

yep. she spreads a strange form of syphilis that makes you good with bottom tier chars.

Is that true?!
How pretty is she?

Looks kind of like a skinny (less stacked) Yoko Matsugane. Just don’t let her try to give you a hand job. Too much SF makes that shit hurt man.

Damn Wantonx, keep that shit quiet son!

My bad. That’s how I’m soooo good with Sean :wink:

how come you can make the name roshihikari but when a friend of mine tried to make the name Kuroda he got banned?

I know you’re not even kidding.

Hahaha… 101 views

’ I’m only a kid, What do you expect?

EDIT: You know, I may seem like a fourteen year old on the outside, But on the inside, I’m trully a six year old, Having fun playing game, reading comics and watching cartoons.

Psh, those are the past times of men! Did you know after a couple pints on Saturday mornings Chuck Bronson and Clint Eastwood would routinely watch the XMen cartoon while smoking cigars and beating people up?

YEAAAH, thats cool.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.


gdlk thread

That’s a fucking lie you bastard…
… Because I’m the only one on Earth that is like that…:mad:

Come to think of it, Are there any female SF3S players?
Iv’e heard of a lady named Venessie but… er… yeah… That’s all, is there anyone else?

Very few if there are any…

It’s rather rare to see a pro female SF character…not that I believe that’s a true statement or anything.

The was a decent female ryu at NCR last year. the girl of a player iirc