Yamazaki avatar


I’ve had my avatar for a very long time so I’m looking to change it. If anyone can help me with a new avatar with yamazaki and my handle, please post here. Thanks.


I remeber that one.


Yes and thankyou for doing the last avatar. I’ve had it for so long. It’s time for a change :slight_smile:

Btw, I have lots of mtg cards for sale. PM me.


still looking for someone to do your av? :cool:


Yeah go ahead and make it man.


Out of Practice Anyway, something simple while I get back into the groove. Let me know if you want anything changed, i’ll be more than happy to do it for ya.:smiley:


I like the design just not too fond of the pic. Have anything more cartoonish?

Also, I know the pic is yamazaki but I don’t think it will be recognized by other players :slight_smile:


want me 2 do your yamazaki? i’ll got some kick-ass yamazaki rips from kof2k3’s screenshots :smiley:


Sure, the more the merrier!


I hope you dont mind but im going to see how that guy does on an av for you first. If you dont like it then i’ll revise yours with a cartoonish one, that ok??


Yeah sure, no problem. Thank you both for helping me out.


yamazaki, as promised. sorry took awhile (damn isp … pfftt technology :bluu: )


That is awesome, I love it but could you highlight PHAT? That would be phat :lol: Just don’t highlight LAST :confused:


like so?


Haha perfect. Thankyou!