Yamazaki matchups

I am personally having a huge problem vs. K Rugal and our favorite gigantic pressure. I’m also having problems in general. He lasts a while and the gigantic pressure does gigantic damage, especially considering when he is in K. In P I parry is sometimes, but I was wondering if I could get off a grab super, then again, in P you only get one.

In N my overall team does better, can I beat it out with Lv1 ground slam super? Any tips and parrying and retaliating besides gigant pressure? I have played this game a bit but I never got good with Yamazaki and I’m lacking high level play.

Depends how he’s doing them; if it’s random gigantic pressures, just bait it out and combo to punish. If they’re reactionary, your life is more complicated and you’ll have to do some pressure of your own.

I’d say it was that team you’re using, more than anything (P-Yamazaki/Kyosuke/Iori). You’d be hard pressed to find many teams crappier than that.