Yamazaki on maki combo(Sai-rec)

In Sai-Rec’s cvs2 opening sequence video, the first combo is yamazaki on maki.

Yamazaki does j. hk, s. fp xx fierce knife. After the second hit of the knife, maki goes flying into the air. Normally, maki would simply reel back, but in this case, yamazaki is able to juggle with a super.

What causes maki to go flying? In the video, her super meter is missing one level but we don’t see where she uses it. It might be a lvl 1, alpha counter or nothing related.

edit: my bad.


You’ll find the video on Sonic hurricane’s media page.

Maki does Counter Attack and Yama hits her after she lands. Try it for yourself, it’s pretty easy to do in Training Mode. I found that bug two years ago and showed it to Sai-Rec, and they made like three cool combos using it. Another cool thing you can do with it is use Yun to trigger the Counter Attack and do s.LP -> s.LK -> s.MP xx DP+LP and she’ll go flying up, the dash forward and do the s.MK combo of choice.

I would appreciate it if you didn’t direct link to media on my site. Please link to the media page and tell people what title to download.