Yamazaki Vs. Bryan Fury

Ok, this is my first real pic I’ve drawn in awhile. Im fairly pleased. And no Yama isnt going to kill hiself.

looks phat but left arm on yamazaki looks a lil flat.

That’s an awfully painful pose for his left arm to be in.

The pictures are great to me, nice job.

Yeah, I really didnt like the arm either

to be frank, I dont like any of the arms in the pic, cept for Yama’s right arm. I took me forever to get bryans right arm right and I still failed, I kinda gave up on it.

C’mon Sweet, I know you have something to say, as a matter of fact I dont think you have ever gave me a Critique. I guess that is good and bad.

Mr. Twelve: you know I thought about that, but I said to myself, “self, Its Yamazaki! He slangs that arm all over the screen, Im sure he wouldnt have a problem with that pose” I dont know.

Not too bad man. you are getting better. At least there are no traces of dragon ball z and funky structure. You got the anatomy down pretty good. Get the clavicle to our right to shift up as he is bringing up his arm.

Very Nice

People are right about the arm. Maybe a little work on the angles as well. But still very cool!

But the Shading and everything else is cool. You got a really interesting style. I like the you sculpt out your figures with the very defined muscles an all.

It’s cool to see how your CG and pencil art styles mirror each other.

Yea, thank God. It’s really good to get away from dbz. I think I should of took your advice and had them rushing each other. It proved to be diffulcult for me so I had to extra simplfy. I was thinking about Genjuoru(sp?) and Mitsurugi.

I think mitsurugi would be sick with your shading.

save that one arm there very nice.:cool: