Yamazaki vs. Bryan Re-loaded

Same old pic I did awhile back but colored. Somebody’s gonna have to surgicaly(sp?) remove this Stylus from my hand.

For some reason the colors always come out darker than they where when I was shopping it. Don’t know why it does that, you cant appreciate the colors and values on Yama’s clothing.

I like the colours you chose for the grey haired dude, but I think you should finish his boots cuz it looks like he’s just floating there.

Nice cuz. I think Yama could beat bryans ass. it be a hell of a fight though resulting in bryans ass getting beat. even though hes like my 3rd tier fighter in tekken yama could keep him at bay. theyre both demented but yamas got him by an inch on insanity.

Hell, they are both freakin’ crazy. That would be a great match, nice coloring in that pic.