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Can anyone ELI5 how this character works? I’m lost against random rekka dudes


Yamcha’s rekkas work as follows:


  • 236L: stays on the same side
  • 236M: teleports on the other side
  • 236H: does a full rekka (nobody will use it though)
    Follow-up (2nd hit)
  • 5L: fast low damaging rekka with no delay
  • 5M: does more damage, locks down longer and adds a small delay before the hit. Frame traps if they press buttons
  • 5H: charges forward; on hit it launches and on block it crosses up and makes him go pretty far away on the screen
  • 5S/6S: crosses the opponent up. Yamcha can still add two more follow-ups to the rekka if he does that
  • 4S: backsteps away and ends the rekka
  • 6L/6M: does a claw strike finisher that knocks down. M version is punishable on block
    Follow-up (3rd hit)
  • 5L/5M: same as 6L/6M
  • 5H: same as above
  • 4S/5S: same as above, except 5S can only be followed with one extra hit

Mashing lights will usually beat all crossup shenanigans unless he has an assist to cover him up.


I’m pretty slow at picking up new games so i haven’t done much yet with Yamcha but i found he could do an easy IAD crossup into an immediate divekick(pretty sure it’s nothing new but haven’t seen other talk about it), it’s really fast. Another thing is during SparkingBlast(SB!) he can easily convert of his 6M by doing 6M>AD>2H(divekick) and he doens’t have to waste a vanish for it early on or use an assist.


I tested it more and his 5M follow-up to rekkas is an actual frame trap and will catch any light button you press. You can’t jump or backdash away either. So respect everything but the crossups.

edit: things are getting even more interesting: Yamcha can use a total of one backstep and one forward step at any point during the rekka, and even cancel backstep into forward step or viceversa. I might make a video about that.


Took me a while but here’s the video. Sorry for the ass quality of my encoder


I was watching the replays from the tournament thi past sunday at next level and i think most yamchas there where going about his combo path the wrong way… you can do 5L, 5L ( second hit of his autocombo), 5M,2M,2H,SD, jpL,jpM,jpL, jc, jpL,jpM,jpL, 214m, spirit ball for about 3800 dmg plus a hard knock down. its 4100 off of jpH and 4500 if you skip the lights by frame trapping 5L into 5M as the combo starter


He says:Inputs are **2M>5M>sj IAD>jL>jM>buffer 66>9>j.LL>jc>j.LLL>214M
Tried it in training myself and i only was able to land the j.L after the landing once after trying for 30+minutes.
Shit is very tough and i don’t see myself doing this as my go to combo if i ever happen to be able to do it somewhat consistently. If someone pulls this off in a match/tournament i will be VERY hyped!


This video really helped me out, I’m hooked on that combo too


So yeah Yamcha top tier confirmed


Meter positive 4.6k combo with Vegeta assist that can be linked into a lv3 for 6.1k. I figured that since Yamcha doesn’t have comboable j.H/j.2H you might just use that grounded 2HH for more damage.
The best sequence I found to get the hard KD for the link into lv3 is: (after the initial hit) ← ↑ ← ↑ :arrow_lower_left:. Do it slowly or the Spirit Ball might miss/not raise the enemy high enough.
Also Vegeta assist = Doom assist
Also thanks for the 6 stars ball


So does his non ex dp’s have invincibility?


I don’t think so. Got clipped many times trying to do it


Im not positive but i think his 214M might have air invincibility after a few frames. Been beating some moves clean with it


I don’t think his ex dp has full invincibility. At least not frame 1. I definitely got stuffed out of it.

I’m starting to like his super more and more. Its nice that you can pretty much set up your opponent where you want them. Can even bring them down to the ground from high up.


Yeah Sokidan is one of the few supers that give you actual oki and that can link into lv3s.

The more I lab Yamcha the more I find out how ridiculous his pressure is:

  • there’s a gap between 5LL and 5M on block that will catch any buttons between them (another frame trap)
  • rekka starters and 1st follow-ups are + on hit, so you can stop the rekkas wherever you want and if they press any buttons you can do them all over again
  • both 5H and 5LLL can be cancelled into rekka, which not only makes them safe but allows you to continue pressure
  • doing a backstep before M rekka finisher will make it basically unpunishable and if you hit you get an everlasting KD

With all of his resets, frame traps and guaranteed hard KDs I think he’s potentially one of the best solo characters in the game. I’m currently very tempted to move him to anchor so that he can also sit on meter all the time.


The reason I would never run him on anchor is because his neutral isn’t that great. Both his M’s are slow and have shitty range. His kamehameha has longer startup than the others and has a worse hitbox.

I run him second because I like his assist, but i also prefer to have an assist for him too since it makes his rekka game so much stronger.


yamcha’s a pretty clear point imo.

  • stubby normals; meaning he’s a bad solo
  • he gets all these easy meterless HKDs for other characters
  • even using meter his damage scales hard
  • can use assists to make up for bad M’s

his pressure is insane, and the endless HDK’s means he can probably end teams, but he quite explicitly designed to be a point, or a mid with a beam anchor.


In the long run he seems like he’s going to want to be very similar to Wolverine in MvC3. Has to do some work to get in with the help of assists but when he gets in they’ll lose their character.

There’s a couple things that seem to be in the way of this.

  1. Reset to neutral on character kill
  2. Assists go away when point character is hit and cooldowns are long.

On the plus side, you can call both assists to create a mixup situation and snapbacks exist (snapback utility has yet to be proven yet).