Yamcha Thread - Cat Loves Food


Not sure with specials, but since the hits are so close together you end up winning the clash anyway.


Oh sorry, I read “I end up getting hit” lol.
Yeah I always used spontaneously 214M as a DP like move at mid range even if it doesn’t have invincibility just because it has a gigantic hitbox that lasts forever. You also don’t need to time it perfectly for that reason. And the reward is a hard KD.


Yea I figured lol. Now im curious if you can cancel specials during clashes


Yamcha his 5M is 0 oB, you probably used a character that has a slower light attacks than Yamcha. So, it can be usedagainst characters that have slow light attacks.


You surely can. Someone made a video where two SSJ Vegetas kept cancelling clashes into knees endlessly lol


Wow OceanMachine thank you for all the work you have put in for yamcha players. The hitboxes will be very helpfull.

So i saw i saw that the dustloop wiki dosnt have yamcha frame data yet. Has anyone seen any posted on twitter or discord that they can share. Id like to know how plus thing like 5h on block is or how plus pack attack on hit is.


5H is exactly as plus on block as 2L since it forms a true blockstring with it but not with 5L. Going by the what other people said about this game’s frame data I’d assume 2L is 6f and 5L is 7f, which makes 5H +6 oB (in short, if you want to frame trap use 5L and not 2L).
For now I suggest to just record the training dummy to mash lights, do whatever move and then mash play dummy and other normals at the same time. You’ll know exactly what you can frame trap into what.


The active frames on j.H seems like it allows it to cover both tech options. That was my biggest problem with yamcha Is that I couldn’t pin people down so this might help out. I’ll have to do some testing

J.h is indeed gdlk, use it on Oki.


A jump in j.h or a lockdown assist + the plus-on-block 5H is usually my favored meaty.


That’s some Kim Kaphwan shit right here.


Yamcha Bnb from 0 to 3 bars


Yamcha fuzzy on tall characters


What does “Cat Loves Food” means ? I read the manga I don’t remember anything that. Or is it a fandom thing ?



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Oh. Yamcha sounds a bit silly here.


Yamcha is a nightmare when he has bars.
Backwards WFF, H is almost unguardable. Shit comes lightning fast and launches.


Anyone know how much startup his 214L has?


That move has 9 frames of startup.

Source: Dustloop Wiki (DBFZ)


Thanks. Was thinking it might be good to use it to counter poke sometimes during staggered strings since his L’s aren’t very good for contesting blockstring. I’ll have to try it out.