Yang 2012 Cross-up Setups



With the nerf to our cross-up, as many of you know it has become character specific as to who our cross-up works on or not and under what circumstances. As such, I have compiled a list of cross-up setups, and who they work on, if it’s corner only, and if it hits them if they are standing or crouching. I tested the following cross-up setups so far:

LP rekkas in the corner
HP rekkas in the corner
Forward throw, dash forward, jump forward (both in the corner and mid-screen)

For each set-up, I set the dummy opponent to quick stand and no block. For the LP and HP rekka set-ups, you jump forward as soon as you can. For the Forward throw set-up, you need to vary the timing on your jump on a per character basis.

Anyway, here is the list. S means that it can hit them when they’re standing. C means that it can hit them when they’re crouching. Unless it’s otherwise stated, it works both mid-screen and in the corner (obviously the rekka set-ups are corner only).

Cross-up Setup #1 (LP rekkas in the corner)


Ryu – C (forces stand)
Ken – C (forces stand)
E. Honda – SC
Ibuki – S
Makoto – C (forces stand)
Dudley – C (forces stand)
Seth – SC
Gouken – SC (forces stand)
Akuma – C (forces stand)
Gen – C (forces stand)
Dan – C (forces stand)
Sakura – SC (forces stand)
Oni – C (forces stand)
Yun – Doesn’t work at all
Juri – SC (forces stand)
Chun li – C (forces stand)
Dhalsim – Doesn’t work at all
Abel – C (forces stand)
C. Viper – C (forces stand)
M. Bison – SC (forces stand)
Sagat – C (forces stand)
Cammy – SC (forces stand)
Dee Jay – SC (forces stand)
Cody – C (forces stand)
Guy – SC (forces stand, needs to be delayed a bit)
Hakan – SC (forces stand)
Yang – Doesn’t work at all
Evil Ryu – C (forces stand)
Guile – SC (forces stand. Timing is a bit weird when he’s standing)
Blanka – C (forces stand…I think. Hard to tell with his animations.)
Zangief – SC (forces stand)
Rufus – SC (forces stand)
El Fuerte – C (forces stand)
Vega – C
Balrog – C (forces stand)
Fei Long – SC (forces stand)
T. Hawk – SC (forces stand)
Adon – SC
Rose - C[/details]

Cross-up Setup #2 (HP Rekkas in the corner)


Ryu – C
Ken – C
E. Honda – SC
Ibuki – C
Makoto – SC
Dudley – C
Seth – SC
Gouken – SC
Akuma – C
Gen – SC
Dan – C
Sakura – C
Oni – C
Yun – C
Juri – SC
Chun li – C
Dhalsim – C
Abel – C
C. Viper – C
M. Bison – SC
Sagat – SC
Cammy – SC
Dee Jay – SC
Cody – C
Guy – SC
Hakan – SC
Yang – Doesn’t work at all
Evil Ryu – C
Guile – C
Blanka – C
Zangief – SC
Rufus – SC
El Fuerte – SC
Vega – C
Balrog – C
Fei Long – SC
T. Hawk – SC
Adon – C
Rose - C[/details]

Cross-up Setup #3 (Forward Throw, Dash Forward, jump forward)


Shoto Group (Strict timing but works whether standing or crouching):

Ryu – SC (doesn’t work in the corner for either)
Ken – SC (doesn’t work in the corner for either)
Dan – SC (if he’s in the corner, it only works if he’s crouching)
Sakura – SC (Works in the corner. Extremely easy when she’s crouching.)
Oni – SC (Works in the corner as well if he’s crouching)
C. Viper – SC (Not as strict as the other characters in this group. Doesn’t work if standing in the corner.)
Evil Ryu – SC (if in the corner, only work’s when he’s crouching)
El Fuerte – SC (if in the corner, only work’s when he’s crouching)
Fei Long – SC (forces stand. Not quite as strict as the other characters in this group.)
Adon – SC (doesn’t work if he’s standing in the corner. Forces stand outside of the corner.)

Fat Boy Group (Extremely easy to do whether standing or crouching):

E. Honda – SC
Akuma – SC
Abel* – SC (doesn’t work in the corner if standing)
M. Bison – SC (forces stand in the corner)
Cammy – SC (won’t cross up if she’s crouching outside of the corner.)
Dee Jay – SC (forces stand)
Hakan – SC (forces stand)
Guile – SC (forces stand in the corner. If he’s crouching outside of the corner it doesn’t cross up.)
Blanka – SC
Rufus – SC (Rufus is kinda weird though. When he’s standing outside of the corner, it’s like a 50/50 chance that you’ll hit him and slide behind him, or hit him and end up in front of him. When he’s crouching outside of the corner it forces stand and won’t cross up.)
Vega - SC

Oddball Group (weird things happen, or just really odd timing):

Ibuki – SC (The timing seems stricter when she’s crouching, but it still works)
Seth* – SC (if crouching, delay it or else it won’t cross-up and will force stand instead)
Gouken* - SC (not shoto strict, but not fat-boy easy either. Strict when crouching)
Yang – SC (fat-boy easy when standing, shoto-strict when crouching. Doesn’t work in the corner.)
Zangief – SC (fat-boy easy when in the corner, shoto-strict when not. Forces stand in the corner.)

Corner only group (self explanatory):

Chun li – SC (Forces stand in the corner. Outside corner, crouch only)
Guy – SC (Forces stand in the corner)

Not worth doing (Doesn’t cross up, won’t hit at all, or will only hit if crouching):

Dudley(No matter how you time it, if you hit him, you didn’t cross-up)
Gen (Only works when crouching in the corner)
Yun (can’t hit him at all)
Dhalsim (only works when he’s crouching, forces stand in the corner)
Juri* - C
Makoto – C (Forces stand when timed just right)
Sagat – C (Forces stand in the corner)
Cody – C (forces stand)
Balrog – C (if he’s in the corner, it only works when he’s crouching. If he’s not in the corner, if you hit him, it won’t cross up, standing or crouching.)
T. Hawk – C (only crosses up if he’s crouching in the corner. It whiffs entirely if he’s standing in the corner. If he’s not in the corner, he’s too tall to actually jump over so you won’t cross up.)
Rose – C (only crosses up in the corner. If she’s not in the corner it won’t cross up, standing or crouching.)

*For Seth, I just wanted to point out that if he’s standing, which is most likely going to be the case if someone wants to block a cross-up, he’s basically in the “fat-boy” category since it’s easy as pie to cross him up.

*For Gouken, the timing isn’t strict when he’s standing per se. You just need to delay it more than you would against E. Honda, for example.

  • For Juri, if you do it outside of the corner, you can hit her while she’s standing but you won’t cross-up. If she’s crouching, if you jump early you’ll cross-up and land behind her but she won’t be standing. Jump later and you won’t cross-up and will force stand.

  • For Abel, if he’s crouching in the corner, it’s very strict timing to actually cross up. It forces stand if you hit him.[/details]

Cross Up Set-up #4 (Command grab, clst.mp xx mk Roll Kick, forward jump. Midscreen)


Ryu – Doesn’t work at all
Ken – Doesn’t work at all
E. Honda – SC
Ibuki – Doesn’t work at all
Makoto – C
Dudley – S
Seth – SC
Gouken – Doesn’t work at all
Akuma – Doesn’t work at all
Gen – Doesn’t work at all
Dan – Doesn’t work at all
Sakura – Doesn’t work at all
Oni – Doesn’t work at all
Yun – Doesn’t work at all
Juri – Doesn’t work at all
Chun li – Doesn’t work at all
Dhalsim – Doesn’t work at all
Abel – Doesn’t work at all
C. Viper – S (when she’s crouching, it won’t cross-up and will force stand)
M. Bison – C
Sagat – Doesn’t work at all
Cammy – Doesn’t work at all
Dee Jay – S (when he’s crouching, it won’t cross-up and will force stand)
Cody – Doesn’t work at all
Guy – Doesn’t work at all
Hakan – SC
Yang – Doesn’t work at all
Evil Ryu – Doesn’t work at all
Guile – SC
Blanka – Doesn’t work at all
Zangief – SC
Rufus – SC
El Fuerte – S (when he’s crouching, it won’t cross-up and will force stand)
Vega – C
Balrog – Doesn’t work at all
Fei Long – Doesn’t work at all
T. Hawk – Doesn’t work at all
Adon – Doesn’t work at all
Rose – Doesn’t work at all

I’m going to be working on testing other cross-up setups. Right now I’m testing MK roll, corner and mid-screen (this one’s a bit annoying since the results seem to be vastly different for each hit confirm), and Target Combo 2 in the corner.

If there is any other corner set-up that you would like me to test, please let me know. Don’t expect instant updates though; I have 39 characters that I need to test per set-up. :smiley:




Nice set ups. How long did this take you? I’m gonna start inventing my own set ups also.


It took me about 2 hours to test all three setups against all 39 characters. I can’t take all the credit though; the forward throw setup was by someone else on these forums. Sadly the name escapes me.

And if you do find any other setups, I can test it against the rest of the cast if you want me to. :smiley:


may i suggest for u testing the lk dp setup in the corner ? it’s character specific but it might help…i remember chunli , yun and yang being crossed up with it…i have to check my files…


Sure, I can do that. I’ll also test it outside of the corner, since I believe it also connects on some characters that the forward throw setup doesn’t.

Side Note: New avatar to represent my dedication to Yang. :smiley:


damn. i just have to say lordwilliam that you’re very dedicated to yang. i wish i wasn’t such a pussy because i ditched yang for ken pretty quick.


Hehe, thanks. To be honest though I’m really not great with the character, at least not yet. I’m still practicing, but more often then not I’ll get completely destroyed online. Which is depressing to say the least, considering the effort I put in in training mode.

That said, if nothing else I’m really dedicated to making sure that Yang stays a viable character, by finding as much tech as I can. I know that Yang has untapped potential, and can still be a monster in the right hands. I guess he just won’t be a monster in my hands. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I appreciate the effort as well. I’m hoping to get back into testing this stuff in a week or two, so at least we’ll have a board again.


Linking his s.LP or cr.LK into dragon kick is the easiest way to gain control of the match early on. Bait out the wake up dp or ultra and punish with lk teleport into mantis or ex dragon kick. Once you master teleport, you will rarely lose online…


Great post. I have not played AE since the patch and this is great information. Can Yang still execute his crossover midscreen still?


Technically he can, but you need to have a specific set-up now in order to cross-up mid-screen (like the forward throw one). I think E. Honda is the only exception.


Good thread. It’d be nice to get some OS discussion going as well


New cross-up set-up listed; Cross Up Set-up #4 (Command grab, clst.mp xx mk Roll Kick, jump. Midscreen)

This one doesn’t seem too useful, as it whiffs completely on 66.6% of the cast. It does work on Dudley though where the other midscreen set-up (forward throw, dash forward, jump) doesn’t. Plus, as with the other cross-up set-ups on that list (other than the forward throw one), it relies on the opponent quick-standing.

Going to be testing target combo 2 (all three hits) in the corner next. I do hope to find some kind of set-up off of a sweep though, since I think that the most reliable set-ups will be those that come off of an untechable knockdown.


jump mk has so much potential for unblockables.

its just really hard finding practical set ups.


Hmm on the contrary imo. I can’t find the new hitbox for his j.mk, but for unblockables i think you need a wide horizontal hitbox, which they removed from yang. Just look at the moves that allow for a lot of unblockables (huge pictures inside)


E. ryu j.hk


Ryu’s j.lk and j.mk


I could be wrong, but i think that’s it. I don’t play yang much nowadays (just for fun), but i spent a lot of time in training mode and never got his j.mk to work as an unblockable, only divekicks.


you don’t need a wide horizontal box for unblockables, it just has to be able to cross up. that being said, i think dive kick unblockables are probably easier to find and probably will see more use (most likely, j.MK would require a cornered opponent while dive kicks sometimes don’t. Or at least my Yang unblockable with Yun doesn’t.)


Can’t you crossup with anything technically (shotos j.hp comes to mind)? You just need the specific setup to ensure the hitbox connects with the back of the opponent. Obviously some normals are better or worse than others for this, depending on how wide their hitbox is.


some moves just never cross up because the character’s hit box always drags them back in front of the character.

stuff that comes to mind: Seth’s j.HP, j.MK, Yang’s j.LP, Yun’s j.LK


no, ive found a bunch in training mode. its just really hard to replicate them consistently

i dont think it has much to do with a wide hit box on the jump in. in my experience its about the moves x/y axis. like the move doesnt even have to cross up normally, but leaves enough of your characters hittable box on the same side enough to “confuse” the way the game tells characters to turn around

like theres jump fierces and such. or fei’s jump mp. i dunno, im just guessing, but theres moves without wide cross up hitboxes that work

usually you can tell if youre close if you can trigger something that can be blocked on both sides. when i was playing gen for example, i was actually really close on a lot of the ones being found now, except i gave up on them because they could be blocked both ways. someone else finds it, adjusts the timing/spacing, and its an unblockable

i got a lot of that shit right now. but the set ups arent good, and im in the both sides phase.

for example, i had one on ryu that was working, then after a few reps of testing, for no reason at all it turned into 2 sided blocking. then i go back the next day, and it just whiffs a bunch. really wierd