Yang 2012 Help

Hello, i just picked up Yang for 2012, and i was wondering if anybody had some advice for me. Combos and strategy would really be appreciated.

Most of this stuff is in the sticky, but I’ll give you the tl;dr version:

  • Learn an easy hitconfirm (cr. lp, s. lp, cr. mk xx rekkas)
  • Use it to get people into the corner
  • Keep them there with good anti-airing and poking
  • If you run up against Gief or T. Hawk, pull the plug on the system

Everything else can be learned later - after you get a feel for the character add cl. fierce xx hk rollkick as a punish (be able to do it off of the command grab as well) cr. lk, cr. mk & cr. lp, cl. mp, cr. mk as frametraps and second hard rekka fadc cl.mk/cl.hp/ultra and you’ll be set.

If you have any specific questions we’re a pretty well-mannered group around here so don’t hesitate to ask. Happy divekicking.

I agree with Ides on this one but the pull the plug on Gief and T-Hawk, Dont do that.Lol
Basically what i do is keep them at bay, by using hard palm and medium palm and also poking them with hard kick and cr. mk rekka