Yang 3 hit combo into super

well heres a lame combo that i think is cool, u haf to pick the super art 2, in the air u do a med. kick into the med dive kick,(its hard i know u mere mortals cant do it :encore: :badboy: ) ok when u do the dive kick u do the med.kick that knocks him up in the air then use your super and catch him goin up while hes coming down ok I KNOW U CANT DO IT CAUSE ITS IMPOSSABLE!!! hi (only i can do it!)

Here’s a better combo.

:d:+:mk:, :qcf::3p:

i like divekick,sa2 yes it combos i’ve done it twice once on purpose
edit:3 times,twice on purpose as of yesterday

i like jab, jab, jab.

you can do it standing or crouching :amazed:.


I agree with Strakka! That one sucks! Lack of damage! Leaves opening if missed!

SAIII: :qcf: :qcf: + :p: … Then jump :mk: , :df: + :mk: , :mp:, :hp:, :l: + :hp:

Jumping MK xx MK Dive, MP, HP, <-HP XX SA2

Fixed it for you. :wonder:

? It’s a cancel…

Unless you are like some SF notation snob. All I see is one x instead of two, does this really confuse anyone? Sorry, don’t get it.