Yang Changes in 2012?

Since capcom shall be making a new version or watever you call it, what kind of changes do you expect in Yang whether they be buffs(I doubt this) or nerfs(plenty of these)?

I expect his dive kick to be nerfed some how since everyone hates it. And his palm also.

Stupid nerf(if it is even to be called that):
U1 animation is sooooo loonnnngggg…make it shorter some how.

I could see them nerfing the frame advantage after and FADC’d 2nd hit of heavy rekka. It’s just of absurd to be able to fadc that into ultra.

expect palm to be ass and kiss his gdlk frame advantage ( jab +4 on block was too good to be true ) goodbye. wouldn’t be surprised if they fuck with his stun/damage just cause.

Why, when a lot of characters can do it?

I wouldn’t be surprised with +2 on block, though.

You mean to get full animation. Cuz that is pretty crazy. They should’ve done it like Ken’s where you don’t get the full animation unless you get it on counter hit or watever(which I dont know how your going to get your 2 or 3 mantis slash on counter hit but thats your issue).

2 light kick, 2 rekka fadc FULL CHARGED ultra2 is 358. How is that too good? Palm is only super good as a wake up meaty attack.
I can see a jab nerf, not that it really matters, and probably a palm nerf because everyone complains so dam much. Don’t expect dive kick nerf, the hit box vs hurt box is already as about as small as it will get, and plus dive kick can be punished by almost everyone in the cast on reaction. Dive kick is the game of the twins.

just nerf the meter building on the palms.

Lower meter gain on palm and all is well. Yang is just caught in the Twinstorm, he isn’t as bad as the children say.

palm is shithouse as a meaty. uppercuts go right through it, and plenty of other characters have fireball invulnerable moves to punish on reaction.

Nerf yang’s jab?lol.Like there aren’t other characters with good jabs.Ken’s jab is +4 on block,+7 on hit and rog’s +5 on block and +8 on hit.Why can’t yang have a +4 on block and +8 on hit jab?And his fadc ultras are better used to finish off a round.They don’t do that much damage anyway.And nerf his stun/damage output?There is a shitload of characters that do more damage and stun meterless while yang needs to fadc to do just a decent amount of damage and stun to his opponent.What needs to be fixed is his invinsibility glitch on his wake up and he is good as he is right now.Because yun has broken stuff that doesn’t mean that yang should be nerfed too,because he’s his twin, lmao.

Even further proving my point it does not need a nerf. But I still stand by a well spaced, timed palm is a good option as a meaty after a hard knockdown. I have had good sucess when I use that and mix in fake palms.

At evo during the SF x Tekken pannel, Ono mentioned he was not going to touch the twins because of the work everyone put into them. He did say he wanted to buff other characters to bring them to par with the cast. Yang is fine the way he is, grant it Yun can xx his divekicks faster and his chains and link into ultras I would not know any reason to touch Yang.

Yang is fine. People are just retarded as shit because they go Yang has a divekick like Yun… then he should be nerfed like him! Its like if people in Vanilla wanted Ken nerfed because Ryu was really good… well they both uppercut and throw fireballs so they must be the same!

TBH Yun needs only a few SLIGHT tweaks too… nothing major at all.

People just hate divekicks and safe pressure. Why learn the matchup when we can just bitch to Ono/Capcom and get the matchup we hate decreased through a patch.

fix his glitches, make ex slashes more useful/do more dmg or stun :smiley:

I’d like to remove the increased damage on palm during Seiei-Enbu; I’d even advocate having Yang’s palm do less damage during Seiei-Enbu.

Don’t nerf him! I mean shit, just don’t do anything to him. Just status quo him. He’s fine the way he is!

Well all those “lot of” arent Yang…w/some of the fast normals in the game w/crazy advantage…that speed and ease of getting in AND a command throw>>normals>Ultra? Give me a break.

Nemo downright raped Poonkgo using straight pressure and execution, no tactics of any sort, just simply overwhelmed him. If everyone truly wants a free balance patch and agrees balance is good then surely you have to expect to make some sacrifice, with the adjustments to Fei i say “change gonnn commmeeee, ohhhh yes it is”>

Yang is done, son!

Courtesy of Neogaf from USD:

-Target Combo 2 130 damage, -7 on second attack
-st.LK start-up to 5F, but has the original start up during Sei’ei Enbu
-cr.LK from 30 damage to 20, upward extended hurtbox
-cr.MP from 80 to 70 damage, 60 during Sei’ei Enbu
-(Far) st.MP hitbox pushed backwards, thus has shorter range
-diagonal j.MK hitbox changed, landing cross-ups is not as easier as before
-Raigekishu (dive kick): all versions have an addition hurtbox rectangle when activated, 2F extra landing recovery; stun from 100 to 50
-Senkyutai (roll kick): up until 5F, HK no longer has projectile-invincibility, MK has no projectile-invincibility at all
-All versions of Senkyutai (including EX) have about half size horizontal hitbox, all are 4F worse on guard
-EX Zenpou Tenshin has less reach, loses throw invincibility from the 8F onward
-Tourou Zan (mantis slashes): final hit of LP, MP, HP damage to 60; EX version now a true blockstring for all hits
-Byakko Soshoda (palm): MP, HP meter gain on whiff from 20 to 10, two extra frames to LP, MP, HP
-HP damage from 150 to 140, chip to 30, stun from 250 to 200; MP, HP have 4 less active frames
-Sei’ei Enbu is a second shorter, does less damage from chip
-Raishin Mahaken (UC1) from 480 to 450 at full UC meter

-Tenshin Senkyutai (UC2) is 3F slower, from 440 to 410 at full UC meter; the last hit of the non-cinematic version does 90 ddamage