yang combos



can you list em’ down …

how to link his qcf-k ?? but mostly ex …


never use qcf+k

c.short>EX slahses
strong>short>EX slashes
f.forward>short>EX slashes


Correction, it’s MP, HP, back+HP -> SA2 (although I find that SA2 is a waste of meter since the damage is tiny)

Here’s a few combos I tend to find useful:

close st.MK -> jump HK (good follow-up after parrying jumping attacks)

cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP -> EX slash x 5 (high priority, average damage)

close MP -> HK rolling kick (optional st.LP -> LK speed-dash to reset and appear on the other side)

close st.MK, LP slash, LP slash (first version), st.HP (only works on large hit-box chars like Chun and Q in the corner).

close st.MK, MK rolling kick


ok nice thanks …