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I didn’t see any of these up, so i figured i’d try and make one. I know i’m primarily a dudley user, but i think Yang is a very fun character to use every so often. Anyway, a few inquiries to start everything off:

  1. What’s the order (best to worst) of his SAs? My personal list is: SA2, SA3, SA1 (tenshin senkyutai, seiei-enbu, raishin-manhaken). Note, I am a freaking scrub with yang, so keep that in mind when you note my list.

  2. I primarily stick to using Seiei-Enbu, so it’d be nice to know what are some combos that can last for the whole meter, or at least something that’s not simply c.forward, mantis slash, or s.strong, rising kick.

  3. Anti-Airs. if someone jumps, i stick to jumping and trying to outprioritize, or using the mach speed dash to get the hell away. But does Yang have anything that’s worth using as an anti-air? Even the light rising kick doesn’t come out fast enough to beat out stuff sometimes.

thanks again.


This is my opinion on using Yang.

  1. Yeah I think your right about the order of the best supers, SA2, SA3, SA1. Although SA1 does have crazy priority the damage by the other 2 supers are also a lot more.

  2. I also like using SA3 but it’s more to just have fun. I find it generally a lot tougher to win with SA3 then SA2 and when you turn on the super it’s not as threatening as Yun’s SA3.

  3. There are a couple of things you can do for antiairs when using Yang. You can always walk under the person and do the mk launcher. I sometimes, actually a lot of the time, catch the person with the 2 hit chain mk dive kick. His regular standing mk also isn’t that bad as an antiair, it gots good priority and not bad range.


Yang is a fun character to use. Overall, he’s a balanced character, without any major strengths or weaknesses (that’s either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it).

SA3 and SA2 are really good for different reasons. You can do a lot of damage with SA3, but you have to know how to use it. You can either go for one long combo, or do a bunch of resets. SA2 is good because it gives you freedom to do a lot of EX moves. EX Mantis Slash is your friend :slight_smile: It combos nicely off all of his bufferable normals (even jab and short).

As for anti-air, standing forward does the job. The far version has really good speed and priority, and the close version allows you to juggle afterwards. Also, if they parry it, you’re pretty safe as long as it wasn’t too deep (either version). If you connect with a close standing forward, do a forward rising kick or SA2 for some free damage.


yang’s AA hmm…

since everyone uses pornstar, the whore, groinpuncher and chicken cap…we can just say, what does good against urien, chunli, mak and yun…

most pornstars jump in with their hk…at max distance…and that’s annoying…cuz yang doesn’t really have any immediate AA against that. his mk gets stuffs, even if trade, it won’t do good. so if he does that, and i have ex meter, i do ex rolling kick. but gotta predict it though. and it’s very shaky. since he most likely lands before yang and boom, block that, launch, send yang crying. so my idea is simply rush him down before he takes off ground. second option is probably meet him in the air with your hk. superjump forward, hk…it has good speed and you can jump after urien. less commitment issue.

now, against chunli whore…when does she ever jump? if she does, just close mk vs everything except her hk. if she jumps hk yang, hm, parry that. it’s a lot shorter and easier to predict than urien’s hk. but if parrying is too general, i’d go with jumpin mk or jumpin hk.

mak: she sucks. she totally totally sucks…haha, ok, maybe i just hate her.yang cna’t stay on the ground against her anyway. so jump with some kicks if she already committed to a jumpin attack. if she blank jumps, hm, dive kick chain.

my brother!
screw yun too. it’s stupid. pretty much whoever hits second wins the jumping vs AA combat. he has jumpin hk too, so don’t commit to early. and your dive kick chain whiffs on him. damn shorties. so just stick to air mk or something…if he parries, do dive kick off the mk. it works sometimes. haha, nothing is concrete…

lastly, when someone jumps too much, lk teleport early and switch side with them. it works super well if someone jump kicks early, or commits to an early air attack. you lk teleport underneath them, they’re facing the original way already, so no side swtiching for them. and they cna’t block or parry as they come down cuz they already committed to a move. soooo, low mk, EX SLASH!!! haha, yang’s fundamental. if you intend to use this once in a while against a jumpin urien, do mk teleport early. as soon as you see his butt twitching, mk teleport. of course, don’t try this tactic if they jump in late, they’ll kick you out of teleport.

yang makes me look scrubbish. he does one thing and he does it so well. ppl think i’m a scrub when i use yang. damn capcom.

oh yeah, jsut a few more things:

  1. dive kick, low jab or low short, throw. that’s basic.

  2. derive from that, if someone techs your throw consistently, then dive kick, low short, and low mk again. they can’t grab your low mk. low mk, slashx3. after tehy eat that fake out, tell them, “live and learn, foo”

  3. with tenshin…
    low mk, slashx2 or just one slash. wait for them to do something and you have all the time to stare at their limbs…do tenshin to stuff their attack.

  4. mix #3 up with low mk, slashx3. of course!

  5. low mp up close, low mk slash. yang recovers really fast from low mp. or if you’re lucky and they’re freeze up, do a hk flip grab after they block low mp.

  6. it seems a lot easier to flip grab someone when you activate seien bu. they just think you’re gonna do some slashes. no, we flip grab first, then low mk, slash. we have variety too!

  7. flip grab, low mk, slashx2, walk forward a bit, flip grab again. or after a knockdown, flip grab. of course, you mix these up with low mks. keep them guessing. after a while, you just know what they’re gonna do as defense. since yang controls the pace and guessing game, just follow your instincts.


hrm, most reliable aaa for yang is just walk under c.forward mantis slashes. but that’s not really the question at hand…

SAII is great because it gives you a healthy supply of EX slashes, which are ridiculously useful. SAIII because of the short meter and the combos. SAI, on a pure super vs super basis, is the best, but the huge meter and the fact that you only get 1 really drops it.

SAIII combos are basically, just dive kick c.short (mantis slashx1)xn. This basically means you just do the first hit of the mantis slashes over and over. It does decent damage. To do less damage, but more reliably, you can (c.short xx mantis slashx1)xn. Basically, you do the same above, but c.short is easier to link.

Really, real reason why you use SAIII is for the repeated unblockable resets. By this, I mean you do a meaty crossup divekick, land c.strong. As the first hit of the c.strong hits, the last hit of the dive kick hits from the opposite side, making it either unblockable, or REALLY damn hard to block, not sure which. You wanna activate super after any sweep or any connected mantis slashes x3. Superjump towards, roundhouse dive kick, land, c.strong, c.roundhouse. Repeat the above. Does good damage not quite genei good, but oh well, that’s why Yang isn’t top tier.


well, the most commonly used SA3 combo is:

(super activated) low forward/UOH -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low short -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low forward -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low short -> fierce slash (super ends) -> low forward -> slash x3

of course, that works on a full SA3. if you start comboing with like 75% or less time remaining on the super, you’ll have to change the number of repetitions.

you could also start out with a flip but then you’d lose half the time on the super and it would deal less damage. but if the opponent has little life left, it would do the job.

if you want a reset combo, you could do:

(super activated) cross up dive kick -> low strong -> low roundhouse - - cross up dive kick -> low strong -> low roundhouse - - repeat until out of super.

this “combo” is relatively hard to block since there’s shadows flying everywhere and you might confuse the guy. you can also stick out a UOH instead of low strong and if that hits, go into the first combo listed.

good thing about seiei enbu is that when you activate it, the shadows protect you from retaliation so even if someone tries to super you, your shadows would still hit him out of their super.

hope this helped.


I think the super should be chosen according to your opponent. Where Urien’s SAIII is his best super hands down, it’s not necessarily the case with Yang.

I love to use Yang SAIII against anyone who doesn’t have a dragon punch. e.g. Urien, Makoto, Chunli

However, I feel that Yang SAIII is less effective against chars with high priority wakeups. (ken, ryu, akuma, elena, remy, etc). If you get hit by a dragon punch wihle in SAIII, even if they trade, you eat most of the damage AND you’ve just wasted a super bar. Not cool. SAII is safer for them imo.


the antiairs I use are:

[I’m using SA1]

qcb+hp right when they start coming down. This usually works and if they made an attack they won’t be able to block or parry it.

parry if they do an attack - don’t parry to early because they can then just land and sweep you or do any other thing

lk warp so its just barely enough to get past them but still safe

command hop and then perform SA

command hop and then EX Mantis


:cool: yang is a good characther to do chain combos with. the is
also ken, sean, yun, and twelve but yang is alot easier.


Is it possible to do a kara-command grab? How do you do it? Is it worth doing?


It is possible to kara the command grab by using c.rh, you will hear a “yah” whenever you do it correctly but I don’t think it gives much range if any. I have heard of japanese using the f.mk to command grab but I never got that to work before. You can also try s.rh but that shit is also hella hard, well for me anyways


Can SA 1 and 3 be comboed into anything?


SA1 can be comboed with c. foward or j, j ,j …also s. strong, fierce , qcb fierce into super (this one sucks for damage)

i heard sa3 can be comboed from s. fierce but dont land the second hit cancel the first then combo…but i’m not sure…


SA 1 can also be comboed from the universal overhead( have to do it early when they are waking up), one, two or three (whichever you prefer) standing or crouching jabs, crouching jabs are easier, and his command throw, which you can squeeze in a low forward into the super after if you don’t want to do just the super. To my knowledge, SA3 can not be combo’ed into.

Kara-command grab: Not in the traditional sense. Do the command throw right after you do a dive kick that falls short of your opponent, but still outside the normal throw range, the command throw reaches a LOT farther than normal, it’s a good thing to do when somebody is waking up.


dont forget u can do saI from close s.fwd, wait till they at your waist lvl to do it thogu hfor max hits or jump cancel it instantly…


Jump canceling is the only way to get full hits, the damage is crap if you just time it when they are falling down from the close standing forward.


How exactly to Senkyutai after launching forward?


Always just do the forward version of the Senkyuutai as soon as possible after the kick, it’ll hit, it’s good stun too, not that yang is exactly a stun whore.


what does the most damage and stun after close s.mk? i use just feirce but im sure there are better options…


Oh, thanks, I thought it was always like launch MK xx LK Senkyutai cos I thought MK Senkyutai would go too far.