Yang EX Slashes Avatar request

I’ve already got a tight Yun avatar, but Yang is my main, and if anyone could do this, I will be indebted to you!

I want Yang doing his EX-Slashes or, just slashes across it.

He could be nailing a Chun or Ken in the face at one point or another, but thats not needed if it’s to much work.

Man this would be tight, can someone do this for me? The slashes would animate in a loop so it would look like they never stopped.

I know this is a huge request, if anyone out there could do this, I’d let you be the godfather or my child!

If you have the sprites i will do it.

Sure don’t man, I’ll do some looking around.

If anyone else wants to pick it up feel free, I doubt I can find them.

Get on aim.



kinda fast but i still like it. good shyt, H&K! :tup:

i mite have a request for a prem. style av myself.

I asked for it to be that fast.

Sure, shatterstar. I’m not taking a request RIGHT NOW. but just make a request thread labeled “ATTENTION: HAIL AND KILL” and ill go check it out for sure.

i will keep that in mind. thx! to the future! :tup:

“my bad, dawg.”