Yang help with...

things to do after hitting characters with close mk? I was thinking about it and so far I came up with
1)SA2!!(+3 cool points)
2)taunt!!(+2 cool points)
3)far standing roundhouse(+1 cool points)

but seriously this is what i like

As your opponent is waking up, buffer super-jump from close standing mk, if they parry you should(not 100% sure) super-jump out of their punish.
hit cl.mk super jump forward then mk into mk dive kick and either low short low short ex-slashes,zenppou tenshin,Im not sure about this but a timed UOH in standing short then ex-slashes?

Random shit:
if wanna beast in corner with hit close mk,do SAII early,then do SAII again the other way, combo vids ftw!

close s.forward into:

forward senkyutai, juggle with jab if you want to play that way
jump rh

If you’re in the corner, then after the first close s.forward, walk forward a bit, then do it again and sj in rh.

If you can’t do that consistently, then instead of the 2nd launch, just do fierce slash, jab slash, s.fierce.

If you have seiei enbu and want to activate it, then forgo the s.fierce at the end, and just finish with a 3rd slash. This gives a knockdown + activation.

This also makes no sense.

I think that double SA2 was in the SRK contest video (oh yeah, I got 2nd place in that!). It’s not possible unless you tamper w/ system direction.

On some characters, depending on their position in the air, you can also reset with close MP or far MP after the senkyutai. The latter isn’t that great though, since the recovery makes it harder to stay on the offensive compared to LP or close MP.

its for shits and giggles,works on chun in corner,and by beast I mean it will make some go “ohhh!” at the arcade if your just fucking around.

For the most stun, do a mk rolly kick. In the corner you can land an SA2 after the kick.

Corner launch kick -> MK Senkyuutai -> SA2 doesn’t work on all characters, I think.

is launching something i should be trying to achieve with yang? i don’t feel safe using the kick a lot of the times and i don’t even know when to actually use it. wake up, anti air, etc. if i know a hit is going to connect, i’d rather do slashes than a launch.

easy reset though. I usually only would do it if I parried, or if they whiffed something punishable. you see alot of Yang’s (Roshi mainly) do like poke,poke, walk in sc.mk as an oki

Love that sig btw

Close forward [the launch] is a great tool. Tick throw games are supplemented by using them. Example, you tick with low short, walk up a step, launch. If the other guy low techs or just plain tries to tech, he gets launched and you can do whatever. This is -mainly- in the corner, and near point blank [since there’s two versions of standing forward [[the far version and the launcher]] if you’re too far you get nothing but a poke. While the launcher can be used at surprising ranges, it’s still not that far]. You can do the same shit midscreen but I suppose you’d feel less comfortable with it.

Parry -> launch -> forward senkyutai is pretty much is answer for jumpins. You ‘can’ do parry -> low forward -> slash/ex slash, but the distance that the senkyutai knockdown gives is a lot easier to work with, especially against people that wake up quickly. If your opp likes to jump in attack deep, those two anti airs become less useful, as if the opp is deep enough, they’ll get parried, then land and be able to block. If that’s the case, you can either do the close forward early [which isn’t too bad of an anti air itself, but it gets killed by a lot of shit so…], or just parry -> close strong and be satisfied with just a poke.

Another use is when you knock an opp down, some people just want to hold up and jump away [to avoid throws/command throws/mistimed attacks etc]. If they hold up back and you close forward, it’s an automatic launch -> senkyutai blah blah.