Yang hitbox

From the latest arcadia magazine


Do they have the hitboxes for more characters?

Edit: Loool Yun’s hitboxes are godlike. Wtf is wrong with that cr.mp?

Edit2: Hahahaha I knew it. Yun’s s.mp doesn’t have a hurtbox in the entire front leg. Amazing.

Poor Yang and his itty bitty stand strong. His jabs have bigger hitboxes than his stand strong.

I didn’t realize how drastically different the various hitboxes on Yang’s divekicks were. Look at roundhouse divekick; that shit is literally the size of a penny.

Stand forward’s hitbox is surprisingly larger than stand roundhouse’s. It felt to me that s.mk trades more.

With the speed they come out, anyone can mash freaking jap and throw you out, sheesh.
Palm is much less impressive for both twins when you see the hitbox

Wow, jeez. Looking at Yang’s compare to Yun’s has left me wide-eyed. Why are Yun’s St. MP and C. MP so crazy?

Because Capcom are idiots.

I forget, but what do the purple boxes mean again?

Projectile invincible.