Yang is killin me

I don’t play many Yangs but when I do they have a tendency to tear me up. I’d even say my game against Yun is better than against Yang. Just tonight, whenever I left myself free for a moment I would get thrashed by that fucking arm slashing move (don’t know its name). He would rarely even super opting to EX that move, and after a couple of them I’d fine myself stunned. I got stunned several times over the course of 15 or so matches. I know standing hurricanes are out. Is his jab really great or something cause that seemed to be getting through a lot?

Yeah…Yang doesn’t need supers to beat you. As a matter of fact his super does less damage than just doing c.MK to EX mantis. Which makes Yang really retarted to play against for people with low defense. Not to mention EX mantis does tons of stun so getting hit by two in a row = death for Akuma. Not just cuz of the health but you’ll also probably be stunned. I wouldn’t know so much about how to deal with this matchup using Akuma but I would guess some of it involves trying to set up a knockdown off of fireball and dive kick setups. Once he gets bar it can be difficult to beat his pokes on the ground cuz he can just EX mantis through whatever poke attempt you may try. Not to mention Akuma simply just doesn’t have the health to be playing footsies all the time. If you can knock Yang on the ground you can really mess him up because he has no real options on wake up. Yang doesn’t have a whole lot of health either so if you can keep him grounded you can work on him and get wins off.

Naz? got anything to say lol

In order to beat Yang with akuma you have to keep yang away from you. If Yang gets in close his pokes will beat MOST(not all) of your pokes in close range. Yangs mid range game is also better than akuma’s so thats something you really have to watch out for. Yang stuns akuma fast and is just faster than akuma in general. For akuma to win he has to space out yang and force him into making mistakes. Aviod using air hurricanes against yang because Yang can and will punish with an ex mantis slash combo, thus raising your stun. Akuma’s dive kick does really well against yang as well. Fireballs to bait out moves can be used here. At mid range, of course your going to wanna use c. mk and c mp. Standing mp would be good but yang ducks under it. far s. hp is good as well if used sparingly. in close range yang doesnt have a decent reversal, so if you put lots and lots of pressure on yang there isnt much he can do get out. Make sure you leave the window for mistakes very small so yang cant randomly poke out with his quick low jabs. I hope this helps

^^i thought u were supposed to use air hurricanes in order to stop the twins from dive kicking in??

be very careful of his command grab. Dont stay close to him. Those low forwards into rekkas… UGH. Im actually a fierce whore when i play against yang. I cant try anything too fancy though.

clones- very doubtful. First off if you see someone divekicking you… just block it. Not worth the nonsense. But you can jump roundhouse i believe. If he divekicks at you towards the corner though, just block everything and once you feel he is overwhelming you, teleport away and try gaining the edge. use your divekicks but space them well. If youre short by a little bit youre eating rekkas.

Lol I’m not sure if you’ve played really good Yuns too often then.

I would say that you should first dissect the style of the Yang you are having trouble with. That’s usually the key in beating a certain individual.

As for Yang as a character…

  1. A typical good Yang will use a lot of dive kicks and jumping, switching between cross-ups and noncross-ups. Yang is somewhat fast, so the first thing you should try to do is find a good counterpoke game against him. Poke him out of the annoying moves and combos that he tries to execute on you.

  2. Know Yang’s hits, range, speed, cancels, combos, karas (none, I don’t think), supers and links. Know how to react to them, know how to block them and know how counter them. That’s a given with any matchup.

  3. Also, take advantage of Yang’s wakeup game. It sucks. He doesn’t have many (I’m not sure if he has any) moves that get priority on the wakeup over Akuma in either situations. Play it patient, safe (but fearless), smart and ume and you should be good here.

  4. Yang is short. Your attempts to low forward, short hurricane, fierce shoryu will whiff if Yang is crouching. Because of this, you should try to stay away from short hurricane and use forward and roundhouse hurricanes because they’ll hit Yang one or two hits even if he’s blocking and crouching. This will give you more time to recover to go into a throw, another hurricane, a shoryu or any other mixy follow up that you can think of.

  5. Don’t use any super except the first one. The rest are arguably shit. This goes with any Akuma matchup.

  6. Use mixups. Akuma is the king of mixups. Use it to your advantage.

  7. Turtle.

  8. Practice the kara demon and short hurricane, jabxxcancel to hand of god because both of those will do mean damage on Yang (or any character for that matter).

I’m not sure whether Yang is worse for Akuma than Yun. With Yun its down to GJ screwing you over, but Yang doesn’t need super - only EX. From all the jap videos I have of Yang VS Akuma - good Yang players ALWAYS beat the Akuma players :sad:

Don’t be afraid to block the slashes. Reversal kara throw after the 1st or 2nd slash. Always look out for that teleport - Yang has a nice confirmable chain - mp,lk xx slashes or teleport in case you were blocking. Teleports like that can really screw you over so be ready to punish it quickly.

Air hurricanes will obviously own if Yang is in the air too, but Yang can do pretty well against Akuma on the ground i.e. he doesn’t have much reason to jump in on you.

Must be very careful with air fireballs. Its a whole new mind game against Yang since he can teleport under them quite easily.

Teleporting away on wakeup is something you should keep in mind. In between the slashing and divekicking, he also command grabs which will lead to a heavy stun combo. You really need to watch his patterns and guess when he might try the command grab. Not easy at all… These patterns might be something like divekick, whiff poke, command grab or whiff a couple of cr.mk over you as you’re waking up and then go for grab. Basically, when you can see them whiffing pokes over you - it usually means they’re setting something up. A teleport will really mess up their plans at times like that.

Remember his roll goes under your fireballs too. Bait the roll with a full screen red fireball and cancel into demon. Hey - thats the only desperation tactic that has gotten me a win or two against Yang :xeye:

On the good side, a solid divekick with a fierce-ish followup combo will put serious damage and stun on Yang. You might even be able to fully stun him with a follow up back throw or taunt xx command overhead or something. Abuse the standing fierce. Try overwhelming them with demon flips. Don’t try playing your normal rush down - Yang is a lot faster so any showing off from you will cost you dearly. Avoid ground hurricanes.

PS - reset KKZ will only work on Yang in the corner. Dont waste bar anywhere else. Demon does crazy damage on him.

naz pretty muched said it all lol. thanks everyone for the input.

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The joys of browsing the net at work. Anyways, I stumbled across the following site

which I’m sure I’ve seen listed somewhere else before… Anyways, I found a great acho match between
Match(Akuma), KO (Yun), Nuki (Chun) VS Raoh (Chun), Boss (Yang) and Izu (Makoto)

I had to get it off filefront anyways, but I’ve also uploaded it to my space (hosted.filefront.com/akuma3s). Anyways the word acho should give you a hint as to the outcome of the match :wink:

Most importantly though, this is the FIRST ever match I’ve seen where Akuma takes out one of Japan’s best Yang players.

Always check out how Match plays Akuma if you want to know a safe zoning strategy. And Uraken for crazy rushdown.

And me for both :arazz:

I’m pretty sure I’ve faced decent Yuns. Its more a matter of seeing tons more Yun players than Yang players where I play. Honestly I’ve played like 2 good Yang players in my life while I can easily find a Yun to play a couple times a week.

A lot of the time I get caught by Yangs c.lp on wakeup. What options do I have there? Also pretty much any whiffed attack was punished with c.lp. Obviously all these c.lp combo into EX slash :wasted:

Thank you for all the information :lovin:

The twins have very fast wakeup and very fast ticks. Its very normal for them to mash lp or lk on wakeup. As I mentioned in a previous post, you need to see how they were knocked down, and judge whether or not you can hit them BEFORE they can do a lp. For example, if you neutral throw them and they quick roll and you dash up and try to attack - their lp or lk will get you first since none of your attacks are fast enough. If instead you dash up and low parry, you have an opening to deal some damage.

btw, thanks for the link naz.

srk’s kill lp’s any day.

You’d dp to try and catch a 3 or 4 frame jab that may or may not be coming? I’d understand if you knew the guy always jabbed on wake up, but in the situation described you’d bascially have to dash up and dp blindly…

srk to kill jabs? You might as well play Ken if you’re going to play that risky or trigger happy… akuma wont last you more than 10 seconds.

LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: