Yang Kara Grab

I’ve just finished watching KO vs Boss on the latest gvision ranbat and noticed that KO kept doing a kara grab. I’m no yang player myself, but I do like to be informed, and was wondering if anyone here knows how to do it?

I thought maybe st. strong, but I never see any of that yang players do it, if it’s really that easy.

standing roundhouse or lk, standing roundhouse it better


You sure that’s possible? Wouldn’t you just get the grab if you do the kara using a kick at the end? And it must be too difficult to do it at the beginning unless your hands move at superhuman speed. I don’t think s.MP would work either because you would get the palm. My guess is c.HK is being used. Did you hear Yang make a noise when he does it?

Edit: if this thread was about the normal throw, ignore this. s.HK is best for that.

it was about the normal throw.

It’s standing roundhouse for Kara Grab, and it gives you like three extra pixels of range. If you can get it down every time, go for it. But usually when in a grab situation with Yang you don’t need it.

St. HK kara gives you 13 extra pixels of range compared to a regular throw. St. LK only gives you 10, but it’s easier to perform. KO obviously prefers using st. HK.

If you kara flip grab with c.HK it doesn’t do much for range but it does make Yang go HOO


If you’re talking about low roundhouse kara into zenpou tenshin, I do it all the time but I really don’t notice a difference in distance whatsoever. But yeah, Yang’s standing roundhouse is his best kara throw, but it’s only situationally worth it. His walk speed is good enough for tic grabs.

On a side note, a contacted jumping jab pushes the opponent back in perfect distance for a kara throw (SORTA like Chun’s low jab, kara throw… just uhh not nearly as useful). It’s nifty but I’ve yet to really use it in serious play.