Yang matchups

Well I am just starting to mess with yang now… like more than any other character believeing he is now going to be my main and I have alot of problems in a few match ups. match ups goes as follows

Shotos- Well I try to bait srks and I fail. When I dont think that a baited srk will come out it will… I try option parrying but i really am not to good at it… I seem to mess up adn get hit anyways… (my parrying sucks really really bad IM trying to work on it but practicing against the computer doesnt really help that cause) And they just seem to beat out everything I do. Akuma just keels me grounded at all times and I cant move. Ryu just ex hadokens me the whole time im fighting him and is safe as hell. Ken Is just a pain in the ass I cant get in on ken.

Urien: Urien is a problem because of the fact that i cant really do much against him. He keeps me out of the air with spheres and just all around beats the shit out of me…

Dudley: I have no good AA’s so its REALLY hard to fight dudley. I try walking under but that never seems to work because he jumps SOOO low to the ground…and Yang dash sucks so im a loss there. I would try to teleport but I dont wanna run the risk of getting hit right out of it for trying.

Ill update when i have more match ups that i need to work on. thanks in advance:clap:

“Written my arelith” (sorry if i spelled it wrong ^_^)

Akuma (Gouki)

Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu or Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 81% (Lowest)
Strengths: High damage, easily comboed moves and a sick mixup game.
Weaknesses: Very low stamina and stun gauge
Tricks: Shakunetsu Hadouken -> Hyakki Shuu mixup
Shun Goku Satsu as anti-air
Tenma Gou Zankuu as a surprise attack (more on this)
Taunt -> Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Lightning, adds 50% more damage)

There’s usually two kinds of Akuma players: Super-defensive and Super
Offensive. For the Super-defensive ones that jump back and throw air
fireballs all day, time your Drill-Kick to hit them, or Super-Jump at
a high-enough angle so that you can rip them out of the air with a
jumping Fierce punch. However, this might make you open to an aerial
Tatsumaki, so you can try the third approach: teleport under their
air-fireballs without leaving yourself wide open. In fact, this is a
very, very abusable option for you- If you want to learn some juggling
combos, now’s the time.

Akuma will like to use his Fierce punch as a poking move, like
your own Fierce. Watch out for it.

If you know how to Red-parry, then remember to parry immediately
after blocking a low Forward kick which is usually chained into
a fireball or a spinkick, then retaliate with a Mantis Slash.
But keep in mind that you could be suckered into a Raging Demon
(Shun Goku Satsu) instead, so keep an eye on that super meter.

Against the Super-Offensive Akuma players, you’ll have your
hands full. Akuma’s Dive-Kick busts through Yang’s Roll Kick,
so you’ll have to block it, then throw Akuma afterwards, or
block the upcoming combo. The key strategy here is to put Akuma
on the defensive, since you don’t have any moves with high
priority startups (such as a Shoryuken). You may have to resort
to swiping Akuma out of the air with a super-jump air-Roundhouse.

And remember, since Akuma has the shortest stun meter in the
game… if you can manage to get him knocked down, taunt. More
stun damage to you. :slight_smile:

If Akuma throws a Shakunetsu Hadouken and, while you try to
parry it, goes into the Hyakki Shuu flip, block the rest and
either use a Drill-Kick or jump. :slight_smile:

An afterthought- If you attempt to have the Sei-ei Enbu on a
cornered Akuma who happens to teleport, corner him again and
wait for him to teleport as a wake-up before activating the
Sei-ei Enbu. (Activation of supers throws Akuma out of the


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu and Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: High damage and stun, great range and a quick dash and jump.
Weaknesses: Big target- easy to combo off of.
Tricks: Forward -> Spiral DDT (Pseudo-Tick throw)
Elbow Slash(anti-air) -> Stun Gun Headbutt
Crossup Air Stampede (Stomp)
Power-Bomb tick-throw (Jump-in with Short, or overhead)

A word of advice: This is a character you want to keep trapped. Alex’s
mind-games are so punishing that you don’t want to give him an inch of
breathing space. Yang is the 2nd weakest character in the game in
regards to stamina.

This one’s a tough match, mainly because Alex does disgusting damage.
If you’re knocked to the ground, be VERY careful of Alex’s Power Bomb
and his overhead Fierce (which can ALSO swat you if you try to jump
away!) If he’s kinda far away from you, he’ll probably use a
C.Roundhouse because of its deceptive range, but he probably won’t use
it in the corner. If he has the Boomerang Raid, then watch for a low
Short -> Super.

Alex has one of the fastest dashes (next to Urien), so don’t be
surprised if he opens up with a dash and power bombs your skull into
the concrete. Since you don’t have as much range, nor can you cover
distance as effectively, you’ll want him pinned in the corner. Also,
he may try to dash in with a Hyper Bomb at the start of 2nd or 3rd
round- you can always try to jump away from it.

As for Alex’s tick throws, watch out for a jumping weak attack, an
overhead, or a crouching jab/short. If you see one of those, either
use an overhead or jump out of the way.

Be extremely careful when jumping in against Alex.He can either use
his headbutt, which has sick range and cannot be parried, a Strong
-> EX Knee Grab, or his C.Fierce, which has very good priority.

Also remember that the Spiral DDT cannot be parried or blocked high,
so if you see that one coming, duck and throw him when he lands. On
occasion, he may attempt to chain it off of a close Forward knee
instead of his Flash Chop. While it may not actually combo, it may
still catch you off guard.

If Alex jumps at you, take a good look at how far away he is. If he’s
going to land on top of you, he’s aiming for a bread and butter combo
with J.Fierce. If he’s farther away, he’s trying to use J.Roundhouse
-> Headbutt. In the latter case, you can crouch under his J.Roundhouse
and nail him with a C.Forward to combo into the Mantis Slash. In the
former, you might just want to teleport out of his way.

A special note about Alex’s Stun-Gun Headbutt: You can hit Alex at the
peak of his jump and afterwards. Don’t bother jumping out of it- just
try to counterattack it with a standing move. If timed right, you can
also try using the Palm-Strike, but you may want to activate the
Sei-ei Enbu before doing this. This is most effective when Alex uses
it as a wake-up super.

Remember that he can’t grab you if you’re doing an overhead, but one
of Alex’s favorite wakeups is the EX Knee Grab which can nail you
HARD. Some prefer to use an EX Stomp, which would effectively snuff
some overhead attempts as well. The EX Knee Grab can hit standing

Most of all, you should keep a VERY steady eye on your Stun Gauge.
One combo from Alex will send you reeling halfway to a world of hurt.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%, 131% after taunt (Shoulder Rub)
Strengths: Speed. Damage. Priority. Range. She’s nothing but strengths.
Weaknesses: C.Roundhouse can be high-parried. Other than that…
Tricks: Air-air kara-cancel has insane range
Lightning-kick for guaranteed tick damage after a knockdown

This is also a tough match (Notice a trend here?) against the Choke
Queen. Chun-Li will combo her supers after a low Forward most often, so
don’t be afraid to do some overhead Hopping if she’s got a super handy.
However, if she doesn’t have a super, don’t bother using overheads. Her
C.Roundhouse snuffs any mix-ups along that line.

Chun Li has four different viable anti-air attacks- C.Roundhouse and
Fierce from far away, C.Roundhouse and Forward kick for close range,
and her EX Spinning Bird Kick which she uses as a wakeup as well. Guess
what most people pick? C.Roundhouse has a fairly short recovery time,
so after parrying it you’ll need to make quick use of the opening. In
fact, few of her moves have more than a .4 second recovery time, save
her supers.

What you should be afraid of is her air-game- she has a double Fierce
with variable timing, along with her jumping forward kick. Fortunately,
her Fierce has relatively low priority compared to her forward kick,
and your standing Fierce is GREAT anti-air against her. Also be
cautious of her throwing- the hardest Chun-Li players will end up
throwing you a LOT. If she uses the Houyoku-Sen, remember that it has
no invincibility frames so use anti-wakeup games to your advantage.

If you’re feeling cocky, know this: the Kikousho must be parried at
least 20 times from its activation. The Houyoku Sen must be parried in
an 8-hit, 8-hit, 1-hit sequence, and the Tensei-Ranka requires at
least 4 parries (if you’re in mid air), delay for a split second, and
another parry for the final hit. Parrying her normal lightning kick on
the ground is also rather tiresome because it never seems to end!
You’ll parry more than a dozen hits if your opponent insists on
mashing the kick button, so just build your meter up and pull off the
Raishin Mahhaken when you get the chance.

Perhaps the most effective tactic is to keep her trapped with constant
Jab Mantis Slashes which can pre-empt her attacks at close range. Your
mileage may vary.

And for Red-Parrying: After a low Forward kick, red-parry her
Kikouken, unless she has a Kikousho charged up. Also, try to red-parry
her Houyoku-Sen while she’s still burst-kicking. You’ll be surprised
at the results.


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu, Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Extremely strong, with range, speed, great mixups and an
absolutely hideous corner-juggle game. Great chains too.
Weaknesses: Completely vulnerable to mid-range footsie pokes.
Tricks: EX Short Swing Blow as a safe wakeup attack
Confusing anti-air game with Ducking-Upper

Dudley has plenty of openings for you to retaliate with the EX Mantis
Slash. Beware his uppercuts and when he dashes forward for a sec
(which works well as an anti-poke) because he can either swipe you out
of the air, counter a sweep, or not punch at all and just THROW you.
His overhead punch is tricky to notice. Despite all of this, he’ll
almost always be standing, because he has NO FOOTSIE GAME. None. So
move in and pull off Combo #3 on him, and throw him a few times to keep
him off.

However, I wouldn’t get too predictable, now. If you’re within the
range of his C.Roundhouse, use quick attacks that won’t cause you to
suffer if they’re parried. Dudley has some sick followups to parries.
Standing pokes can be parried, and followed with a Roundhouse -> EX
Machine Gun Blow, so watch it. I recommend the C.Short -> EX Mantis
for close range.

Beware his Rocket Uppercut if you’re gonna try throwing, though. If
you’re falling behind, you could probably stand to benefit by turtling
a little and taking a breather. If you despise turtling, then super
jump at him, parry, then go into Yang’s air-chain (forward kick into
Dive kick) then mop him up. The Palm Strike will bust Dudley out of
his Rocket Uppercut if needs be.

Dudley has some highly effective EX attacks that you should be very
watchful of, especially the EX uppercut and his dash-back attack (Short
Swing Blow). Be wary of these as wakeups. You CAN throw him out of his
Jet Upper (even the EX if you’re quick), as well as the Corkscrew Blow
if you’re at point-blank.

This is a tricky thing keep in mind, being that Dudley has some great
close-range chain combos to initiate into supers. However, this is
perhaps preferable to being pressured by Dudley, where his Fierces and
Roundhouses (Yeah, I know) will leave you reeling across the screen
seeing stars. Even a good parrying game is somewhat at a disadvantage
because of the variable timing and angles that he can use for his
punches. So stay in close and throw when he least expects it to keep
him off his guard.

Finally, his mixup game is deadly, so use the teleport if necessary so
that he doesn’t get comfortable with you. If you’re trapped, he will
use his Short Swing Blow to evade any pokes or throw attempts (the
latter being a nasty, nasty tactic), as well as juggle you in the
corner like a malignant trampoline.


Suggested Super: Raishin Mahhaken or Tenshin Senkyuutai
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Evil punishment combo with a C.Strong, great mix-up and
a wicked footsie game. Also, extremely fast dash.
Weaknesses: Against Yang, not much.
Tricks: Surprisingly, not much.

I’m suggesting the Tenshin Senkyuutai for a wholly different reason
than for Dudley. You probably won’t find any feasible openings against
Elena- she’s kind of a Chun Li Lite in regards to speed and range. You
may have to use your Palm-strike or the Raishin Mahhaken to stuff
random pokes and the EX Roll Kick to punish a blocked Lynx Tail (her
new breakdance-type move).

About her Brave Dance- if the super is blocked, there’s almost no
recovery time afterwards, so counterattack quickly or just keep

Elena will use the Scratch Wheel as a wakeup, which can be stuffed by
the Palm Strike if you’re FAR enough away. However,don’t use this
against a Brave Dance.

Be careful when jumping at her and use double-parries. You’ll most
likely be VERY defensive throughout this match. The teleport actually
works well against her. She does beat you miserably in the range
department, so take your time.

If she has a super charged up, you should watch out for overheads,
because she can link her Super from those. If she has Healing, she’ll
try to knock you down with a ground chain or a throw before using it,
so play keep-away because she’s not going to gain any more meter. =P

A final note: Elena’s C.Strong can combo extremely well, and it has
deceptive range. Keep an eye out for it, as well as an EX Rhino Horn
used as long-range anti-air (she can juggle you after that).


Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu
Stamina: 111% (Subsequent Taunts give 117%, 131%, 140% and 151%.)
Strengths: Raw damage, pure and simple. Great range too.
Weaknesses: Easily punished because of slow attacks. Also, he’s a very
large target.
Tricks: Body Splash -> C.Jab -> Meat Squasher (Pseudo-Tick Throw)
whiffed Palm Bomber -> Moonsault Press
delayed Hammer Frenzy
* Best Kara-cancel in the game

First, let me say that this fight is all about zoning. Close enough to
chain your combos, but right out SPD range. What you’ll want to do is
to move (herd, actually) Hugo into the corner where it’s almost
impossible for him to get out. Put pressure on him so he doesn’t have a
chance to mix you up… and if you’ve got the Sei-ei Enbu, here’s your
chance to try some neat combos. Also remember that if you try to combo
into the Mantis Slash, you’ll be (relatively) safe if he blocks it, as
you’ll be out of grab range.

Since Hugo has incredible poking ability, it’s advised that you may
want to poke back with the standing Fierce once, or use the Tourou Zan
x3 instead(you might even want to EX it, but that’s your call). But
Hugo can stuff your Fierce with his sweep, and your sweep with his
Strong. You can’t win with this.

Don’t try matching his priority in the air if you’re not off the
ground yet. However, If you decide to jump IN (Hugo doesn’t have the
best Anti-Air if you’re already in his face), then go in with the Air
Combo chain or a fierce punch, then jump back OUT and do another
Fierce punch on the way. This works rather well as Hugo will most
often be trying to grab you. In fact, if he misses the first time
with an SPD, he’ll try again, and again, and again… keep jumping!
This is ESPECIALLY effective with the Sei-ei Enbu activated.

If you see Hugo leap in the air (his air-catch) over to you, then you
should use a L.Forward kick or get away, because he’s trying to land
a SPD or a Gigas Breaker on you. However, if you have the Sei-ei Enbu
activated, don’t fear. And keep jump-kicking him around if he has the
Megaton-Press because the Sei-ei Enbu will stuff his super if you
time your kicks right. And you can NOT parry his air-catch in Third

Be careful if Hugo has the Hammer Frenzy. If he has this, then watch
it when he wakes up or jumps at you. If he charges at you with the
Hammer Frenzy, then block high, but if he doesn’t attack immediately
during the super, throw him, or SOMETHING- because he’s delaying the
attack. Or even worse, he’ll just stay there like that and do an SPD
on you when the dash wears off.

And a final warning: Don’t try to hit with overheads at -close-
range, because he’ll probably retaliate with an SPD before you can
do anything. (However, throwing his ass around is not only effective
because he won’t expect it, it’s damn funny. ^_^) Use the Senpuu
Kyaku (twd + Forward overhead) instead as it has more range.


Suggested Super: Tenshin Senkyuutai, Raishin Mahhaken
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, chains, mixup game/footsie
Weaknesses: Low damage
Tricks: Yami Shigure (Dagger/Slash super) when you parry a Kunai
Chain Combo -> Dash -> Throw (That dash counts as a move!)
Advancing Jab punches (very annoying. Counter with C.Short)

This one’s an iffy, mainly because Ibuki isn’t the powerhouse she used
to be. Therefore, not many people play her in 3rd Strike anymore.
Still, I wouldn’t try looking for Ibuki to make a fatal error to combo
the Tenshin Senkyuutai, and she still retains a lot of priority, so use
the Raishin Mahhaken to bust through. You’re also better off blocking
low more than high, because of the properties of certain attacks. If
she tries an overhead, use a C.Fierce or C.Jab to knock her away.

If you have her trapped in a corner, keep in mind that she’ll probably
dash out. A good L.Forward kick can knock her out of a teleport-dash,
as well as your Mantis slash.

Your recommended fighting distance is right at the edge of an EX Mantis
Slash. She needs to use her chains to inflict damage, so you need to
put yourself into a position where you can spank her if she messes up.
If you let her get too far away, she can start playing keep-away again.
If she’s too CLOSE… well now, you’re extremely susceptible to her
traps and her highly annoying advancing Jabs. Get her away by jamming
on C. Jab or something.

The one move you may wish to keep an eye on is that air-leap of hers…
she can activate the Kasumi Suzaku from there. Teleport or dash out of
the way so that you can nail her on the way down. In fact, make a habit
of teleporting when she jumps- she can’t throw a kunai behind her.

nice shit dude i envy you just for doing this it helped my game soooo much

plus yang is sexy

the entire faq

thanks Ko fiend


Ko fiend when you get the chance i have some questions about yang i wanna ask you

I find Yang vs Ken a hard matchup myself, cant quite say why but I seem to get mashed or at least givena big run for my money when ever fighting a good Ken player.

silent shade, nice thread bro, your missing a few things in your alex match-up.

  1. Alex’s taunt increases his attack power. with a maximum of 8 taunts for a full power boost. With 7-8% increase per 2 taunts. Maximum after 8 taunts is approx. 28-32% increase in power.

  2. His most used/best meaty attack on wake-up is actually a standing forward

  3. His mix-up game is deadly.

just thought you might want to add that in.:tup:

im actually an Alex player. So i just thought i might point out some important things you forgot to mention.

I think your over exsagerating[sp]. Alex’s has no good low opitions at all beside 2 that aren’t that good.

High, Low, and Throw = Mixup

High for Alex? Standing Fierce and UTD/UOH

Throw for Alex? Power Bomb, Standerd Throw, and Tick Power Bomb, Tick Standerd Throw

Low for Alex? Crouching Short-Foward Chain, and Standing Close FowardxxFoward DDT (This is considered low cause it hits if there Standing [I guess it could be a throw too])

Its its not deadly, its ok…