Yang mixups

Discuss Yang’s mixups and ways to get (free) damage!

Divekick mixups, much like Yang… possible to follow up with lk-mk-hk chain much like Yun.

Yang has decent hi-low mixups, don’t forget f.mk! His UOH is okay, but don’t be too predictable. UOH will crossover a non-quick-rising Chun if timed correctly (not hard). Play with the mixups after crossing up. IIRC c.lps can be parried high, so don’t rely on those. Baiting is great with UOH crossup if you don’t want to be greedy.

j.mk-mk dive can be predictable. Use it sparingly! Jump away HPs will do you well on tall characters after rising every now and then, but it takes away from the pressure game often so try to not use it so much unless you’re using SA3.

command throw-s.mp-EX Slashes is grrrrreat! Abuse appropriately.

Abuse EX Slashes. They are EXCELLENT pressure, but play with the variable timing!

In corner:
Palm strike… (buffer SA2)
-Play with palm timing, so that the end of the palm connects just as they get up
-if blocked, you keep pressure
-if parried, SA2 ON REACTION TO RESPONSE ONLY, more often than not you will outprioritize.

Fake palm…
-pause, EX Slashes for pressure
-walk up and throw/cmd throw
-walk up s.mp-s.hp-b+hp chain

There’s probably more, but I can’t remember for the life of me.

Umm… thats not so good advice. For one, Command throw to Sc.Stg doesn’t work. You didn’t mention a damn thing about Cr.Sht EX Tourouzan at all.Yangs, UOH is better then his T.Fwd, but its good to use both.
You missed alot of things.

  1. You are right about elbow-EX slashes. My bad.
  2. c.lk-EX slashes isn’t hit confirmable unless you’ve got excellent reflexes, so it was more an oversight than anything.
  3. I often have more success with Yang’s f.mk than his UOH, purely because of slash knockdown games and the distance f.mk provides. Close in, UOH is definitely better, but I still think f.mk has more overall benefits.

Also, if that’s all you have to contribute, I missed three. You’re going to call three mistakes/oversights not-so-good advice? Man, either help the thread or shut the fuck up.

Well, then maybe I should be said Cr.Sht, Cr.Sht, EX Tourouzan. Now thats confirmable.
Meter = Cr.Stg (Considering its faster and safer then Cr.Fwd)

Dude, I didn’t try to insalute[sp] you, but sorry.

You seem to like SAII over SAIII. Most people do. I use both.


There are only 2 combos and that you need to know with Yang.

Cr.mk Mantis slashes

Cr.mk EX Mantis slashes

on most characters, you can also do close s. strong -> s. short x EX Slashes. pretty useful hit confirm and it keeps your opponent on his toes if he’s expecting c. short x 2 x EX Slashes or c. forward x EX Slashes. for those who like to block low, UOH -> c. short x EX Slashes is a treat :tup:.


Thats right Kal



Guess this turned into a plain old Yang thread.
All you need to know is Cr.MK EX Slashes. You can also do MP, HP <-HP XX SA2, it’s not completly useless, if you ever get a St.MP off, free super. I wouldn’t TRY to do this, only if I had meter and landed the MP, you TRY to slam the mess out of them with EX Slashes.

I do love a good J.MK xx Dive Kick, MP,HP<-HP XX SA2 though.

the 2 links i posted were options to mixup the usual c. forward or c. short x 2 into EX Slashes. they’re for people who like to parry low or just block low.

if i landed a s. strong i’d link into s. short and cancel that into EX Slashes. or i’d just finish off the robot combo, but i wouldn’t bother cancelling into super unless they were about to get finished. it’s an absolute waste of a bar. s. strong xx EX Slashes has almost the same damage as the robot combo xx super, so for the amount of meter consumed, EX Slashes are definitely the way to go.

if you want other “tricks,” you can tick into Yang’s command grab quite nicely from a close c. strong or from a j. roundhouse. you can also whiff a far s. strong right as your opponent is getting up then go into the command grab.


Just for fun I like to land SAII after EX Tourouzan in corner. Its fun

What about stuff like cr.short XX hk roll kick then reset them with close st. strongxxteleport dash to cross them up? I do that every once in a while and it seems to work rather well. I know that if you land a cr short and have the meter you might as well go for ex slashes but still, in those rare occasions when you don’t have meter I think it works pretty good.

A cool little reset for people who always block low after getting up/whatever:

s.mp, EX Tourouzan, s.mp (reset), UOH, SAII

Or maybe you can reset them with a HK Tourou, I don’t know, but I thought it was cool, since it sets them up at the perfect distance/recovery time for UOH, super.

i think you meant “senkyuutai” and not “tourou zan?” tourou zan is the mantis slash. the most common senkyuutai reset for a followed mixup is: close st. foward -> foward senkyuutai -> st. jab xx teleport. then proceed to whatever (slashes, cr.foward/short xx [ex]slashes, throw, blah blah) s.mp -> ex senkyuutai might be hard to get off since it would only be viable after a successful jump in, parry, or punish.

corner: jump in mk xx mk dive kick, mk launcher, juggle mk senkyuutai, juggle SA II :karate: :clap:

Against shotos in the corner, you can close standing mk, HP Torouzan, HP Torouzan, then LP Torouzan ender, or you can reset them instead.

There is also the mk launcher,super jump canncel then you juggle with his air combo so that the first hit connects and then the dive kick comes out to zoom you back down to the ground b4 the opponent. Then your able to cross them up by walking forward a step or two. I can only get this to work on Makoto and Chun. Can some1 confirm if this crossup works on more characters? Then you can mix it up by not crossing them up and staying on the same side “gets them all the time :clap:” Or you can walk back a step and do the UOH from that distance it should give enough frame advantage to do cr.MK without out them being able to hit you or jump away. After the UOH I find that they try and retaliate somehow. So if cr.Mk connects cancel into ex slashes “if you have ex stocked, if not just do regular” If you find that they block the cr.MK cancel into (lp) slash for 1 HIT. Then after that you have a slight frame adv. so you can continue to pressure. I usually do cr.MP after the slash to hit them if they do anything then I jump up and do Mk dive kick to continue the pressure.

Mixups against jumping in attacks:

Parry sMP(to reset) Jump sDK OHG cMK EXS (my personal fave)
Parry sMP Jump mDK Jump sDK cMK EXS (the DK hits on this one)
Parry sMP Jump sDK Jump HK (against people who jump out)
Parry sMP mTP cMK EXS

Lots of places you can go with that.

A blocked cMK can be Two-In-Oned to a sTP or mTP which unsettles most people because it’s so fast. After that you can walk up and throw, UOH, etc.

I was once told that after EX qcf+K you can I think strong or jab cancelled into short teleport and quickly tenshin senkyutai before they hit the ground and it will connect! This is one thing I’ve never been able to land with Yang but it supposedly works against shotos and Alex. Could anyone confirm this?

yang recovers from the teleport when they land, the soonest it can be done is in their “turn around” state, not sure if its blockable but its 3 EXs your wasting if they can

I do a variation of this with the lk teleport once I land. That obviously gets you to the other side. This works best if you connect both hits of his air-chain, but I figure this is only possible on fatties (even if it does indeed work on everyone, it’s certainly not practical). I just like it because it’s flashy.