Yang Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Aite Yang fans. Let’s get this board rolling.

So… Anyone know how damage scaling and damage distribution works during his super? (lol)

Wait for the videos to roll in I suppose or wait for someone to get some gameplay in

his ultras look like ass but still looks like a fun character

According to Mago and Tokido, he can HP Slash x2 FADC U1 and close MK -> U1 so U1 isn’t bad at all

Can’t wait to play as Yang. Anyone knows when they going to have videos of Yang’s Fights.

tomorrow at the latest

I’m interested to see the combo possibilities after his slashes. +10 on hit is bannanas.

that’s nice. its always good to have comeback potential.

he looks SO SICK.
edit: how long does frame data take to be released? how is it acquired?

+10 on slashes is fadc right? Cause otherwise that would be stupid lol

Yeah, I figured that’s what Mago meant by that. He also said it was +6 on block. Damn lol.

Anyone have a clue how heavy he is on combo execution? I have some difficulties with characters like Cammy or Viper to do links or execute the inputs for things like Viper can do, but was wondering where Yang might settle on the spectrum. I’d say Abel is one of the easiest in the cast for combos, and the hardest is Viper. Someone once said Yang is like Fei Long in a lot of ways.

Yang isnt a combocrazy character, hes more about the setups. execution wise hes pretty much like fei long with the rekkas and command grab. hes also got divekicks like rufus except yang can lk and hk divekick as well and hes also got command dash like ibuki, and a few target combos.

Did Yang’s http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/77/yangstance.gif color make it to AE?

Yang’s main combo seems it will still be his s.jab into c.mk to slashes. I’m sure in this game it is nothing harder than a 2 frame link.

I’m very certain it was stated that s.LP has absurd hit stun. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even more lenient than a 2-frame link.

Oh, even better ^.^

Yep, you’re right, double checking that article. Mago says Yang’s standing light attacks are ridiculously good.

Yang, looks really cool, i will give him a shot. just because. and one of his ultras got the sickest animation ever.


^ your confusing yang with yun sir