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I know ultra 1 has invul frames. Does anyone know how many?

Also, does the sf4 engine do some type of risk logic during wake up. For example, decapre does psycho sphere after throw. If ultra 1 has invul on wake-up, shouldn’t it come out regardless of a hitbox over me? But sometimes the ultra doesn’t come out and I get hit/block instead. Any input? Maybe an @Eternal‌ question.


U1 is invincible 1-9F according to the wiki. Just a timing thing I think. Might not be inputting it at the right frames.


She does very well on the ground and crhp is a great anti air. The best thing to do in this matchup is try to watch what footsie pattern they go for. If they’re fishing for crmk into Srk or sthk, do jump lk dive kick to get the whiff.

If they’re looking tatsu to get in, block and backdash to get out. It’s really a patient match.

Test them a few times with dive kicks to get in. Make sure they are goin to anti air you every time. She breaks under pressure so it only wakes getting in once.


I’m having problems doing 3 cr.short into rekkas, any tips?


Its supposed to be cr.lk xx cr.lk > cr.lk xx rekka. Meaning the first 2 can be chained but the last one has to be linked. Just delay the 3rd cr.lk a little more than the first 2 if you are chaining them. Plinking them with lp also helps as well. The rest is just practice practice practice.
EDIT: Turns out cr.lk doesnt chain …my bad


You can’t chain cr.lk. The only tip is to use the lk.lp p-link


Hello Community,

I’ve been trying to perform this corner combo a few times. Here’s a clip on youtube of the combo http://youtu.be/Bz2YkQF5SXA

Could anyone give me in-depth info on how to perform the HK roll after the mp palm? Thank you


F, QCF, hold F and wait, HK.

Get used to doing this by itself so get a feel for the delay.

Then start doing it just as Yang recovers from MP Palm.

There are other ways to do it, but this was simplest for me.


Yesh! I can do it now, just need more practice (:

Is there an advantage of doing the HK roll instead of the mk roll? is it worth the extra like 8dmg?


More damage, yes. You can also follow up with EX rollkick for a little bit more. It makes that combo decently beefy for one bar.


Oki is also better on hk rollkicks knockdown. You get automatic safejump


I’m trying to get this “safejump” from hk.senkyutai to work. I can’t seem to get it right.

  1. The crossup mk whiffs. So I need to delay manually? Because right now i’m just holding up forwards.
  2. How many frames safe is this safejump? 4? 5?


You’re supposed to neutral jump. It’s a 5 frame safejump. Video credit goes to ranix, he posted a lot of good stuff a couple months back that you can find on his channel.

You can also get the same safe jump by doing cl.mk, dash, cl.mk, dash, hk rollkicks (dashes are important to get the correct height on hk rollkicks).

If they don’t quick rise, you can do s.mp and neutral jump again for another 5 frame safejump.

Or vs most characters if you jump forward mk you get a fake crossup (if they quick rise this crossup usually whiffs except vs ibuki. VS ibuki you get a fake crossup both on quickrise and no quickrise but she can escape with command dash).


Hi all. Been a Boxer main for about a year. I think i’m compentent enough with him so next step now is to find a secondary character. I’m debating on choosing Yang, a character who I’ve played in the past and in my opinion, can handle some of Boxer’s tougher matchups. Thoughts?


how does the backdash cr.lp os u2 work? I understand how cr.lp os u1 because you chain cr.lp and s.lp so it overwrites the 3 punch buttons if it hits/is blocked but cr.lp doesn’t chain with s.lk, so wouldn’t you get s.hk if they don’t backdash?

Where i saw it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMFontvLdgM#t=3m6s

After testing it out in training mode s.lk comes out instead of s.hk o.0 why is that? the srk wiki says lk cant chain. does that just mean it can’t chain itself but cr.lp can chain into it?


I feel like negative edge is a serious problem for playing yang… Its so easy to get something you were not even doing.

Does anyone else get blown up by negative edge while playing yang?


I used to get command dash after cr.mk, rekka when I first started with Yang. It doesn’t happen anymore because I’ve trained my hands to do it properly. Every once in a while it happens in lag though.

Sometimes I’ll get command grab instead of DP if my opponent tries a cross-up, but I don’t think that’s a negative edge issue.


Quick question y’all. I know this has probably been touched on before but what exactly do you do against characters that cl. mk, divekick, cl. mk, heavy rollkick doesn’t work? I was fighting an Adon and it was never working for the life of me :frowning:


i just tested it in training mode, it definitely works on adon. clmk dash clmk hk dp doesnt but divekick does. As far as i know, clmk divekick clmk is universal.


were you recently posting on /r/sf4 with the same issue?

cuz i recently discussed this same thing with someone there

unfortunately my answer to is is the same as my answer to them, that has never once been a problem for me in the four years i’ve been playing yang