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Oki is also better on hk rollkicks knockdown. You get automatic safejump


I’m trying to get this “safejump” from hk.senkyutai to work. I can’t seem to get it right.

  1. The crossup mk whiffs. So I need to delay manually? Because right now i’m just holding up forwards.
  2. How many frames safe is this safejump? 4? 5?


You’re supposed to neutral jump. It’s a 5 frame safejump. Video credit goes to ranix, he posted a lot of good stuff a couple months back that you can find on his channel.

You can also get the same safe jump by doing cl.mk, dash, cl.mk, dash, hk rollkicks (dashes are important to get the correct height on hk rollkicks).

If they don’t quick rise, you can do s.mp and neutral jump again for another 5 frame safejump.

Or vs most characters if you jump forward mk you get a fake crossup (if they quick rise this crossup usually whiffs except vs ibuki. VS ibuki you get a fake crossup both on quickrise and no quickrise but she can escape with command dash).


Hi all. Been a Boxer main for about a year. I think i’m compentent enough with him so next step now is to find a secondary character. I’m debating on choosing Yang, a character who I’ve played in the past and in my opinion, can handle some of Boxer’s tougher matchups. Thoughts?


how does the backdash cr.lp os u2 work? I understand how cr.lp os u1 because you chain cr.lp and s.lp so it overwrites the 3 punch buttons if it hits/is blocked but cr.lp doesn’t chain with s.lk, so wouldn’t you get s.hk if they don’t backdash?

Where i saw it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMFontvLdgM#t=3m6s

After testing it out in training mode s.lk comes out instead of s.hk o.0 why is that? the srk wiki says lk cant chain. does that just mean it can’t chain itself but cr.lp can chain into it?


I feel like negative edge is a serious problem for playing yang… Its so easy to get something you were not even doing.

Does anyone else get blown up by negative edge while playing yang?


I used to get command dash after cr.mk, rekka when I first started with Yang. It doesn’t happen anymore because I’ve trained my hands to do it properly. Every once in a while it happens in lag though.

Sometimes I’ll get command grab instead of DP if my opponent tries a cross-up, but I don’t think that’s a negative edge issue.


Quick question y’all. I know this has probably been touched on before but what exactly do you do against characters that cl. mk, divekick, cl. mk, heavy rollkick doesn’t work? I was fighting an Adon and it was never working for the life of me :frowning:


i just tested it in training mode, it definitely works on adon. clmk dash clmk hk dp doesnt but divekick does. As far as i know, clmk divekick clmk is universal.


were you recently posting on /r/sf4 with the same issue?

cuz i recently discussed this same thing with someone there

unfortunately my answer to is is the same as my answer to them, that has never once been a problem for me in the four years i’ve been playing yang


Used to be a problem for me. I just had to let go of mk faster than i used to and I was good


I’ll sometimes get dash instead of the rekka, very rare though. I generally hold cr. mk down while cancelling into the rekka, or just tap cr. mk very quickly.


No I don’t post on reddit


is there a yang facebook group? Character facebook groups tend to be more active


Does Yang have any meaty setups?


This channel has some https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvjvzDtvzRjWEWVckUOteWQ


How do I OS teleport properly? I’m trying to get an OS to catch things like Seth Teleport, so I do forward throw dash once jump mk then down back lightkick to os it but I only get upkicks. I’ve practiced doing it without the setup and I can get the dash easily from just jumping over him and doing it, so I’m not sure why it wont work with the setup.


Don’t reverse your inputs, so just do qcf + kick for the teleport


An option select ive been trying on chun is:

throw, cr.mp, jf.hp OS rekka or ex roll

Am I just inputting it wrong? This should be a safe jump os. The OS beats her backdash but SBK always beats me if I input an OS.

Seems like Chun isnt free against Yang on wakeup? I think the startup of SBK is causing the jf.hp to count as whiffed.

What do you do on chuns wakeup to beat her? As a chun player ive never really lost to Yang players but I hear a lot of people say Yang beats her. To me it seems that EX SBK is really great for her in this match.


I’m doing the move as crossup, and If I do it as qcf + k i get command throw every time