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This channel has some https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvjvzDtvzRjWEWVckUOteWQ


How do I OS teleport properly? I’m trying to get an OS to catch things like Seth Teleport, so I do forward throw dash once jump mk then down back lightkick to os it but I only get upkicks. I’ve practiced doing it without the setup and I can get the dash easily from just jumping over him and doing it, so I’m not sure why it wont work with the setup.


Don’t reverse your inputs, so just do qcf + kick for the teleport


An option select ive been trying on chun is:

throw, cr.mp, jf.hp OS rekka or ex roll

Am I just inputting it wrong? This should be a safe jump os. The OS beats her backdash but SBK always beats me if I input an OS.

Seems like Chun isnt free against Yang on wakeup? I think the startup of SBK is causing the jf.hp to count as whiffed.

What do you do on chuns wakeup to beat her? As a chun player ive never really lost to Yang players but I hear a lot of people say Yang beats her. To me it seems that EX SBK is really great for her in this match.


I’m doing the move as crossup, and If I do it as qcf + k i get command throw every time


Make sure you have the stick back at neutral then. Quarter circle motion should never get you command grab unless you’re pressing and extra direction during the jump.

I’m not 100% sure on seth because I remember stuff like cl.hp xx mk rollkicks doesn’t make you automatically crossup, but if you are crossing up, doing the motion non crossup works.

I do it all the time vs shotos for the crossup divekick. Maybe test the setup vs then first and see if the os comes out? Could be an issue with seth’s height…dunno.

Don’t have access to the game for a few days unfortunately


I’ll give it a go putting it back in neutral, that def sounds like what I’m missing, thanks


I often see players like shine use st.mp xx dash resets/cross ups

However I can only get this to work like once before people react and start mashing jab.

Is there a secret to making them not press anything? The dash is slow enough that they can react to it so frametraps don’t seem to help in this specific case.



I think it’s terrible, on the level of blanka hop offense.

I see mago doing cr.mk xx teleport nowadays from stuff like cl.mp, cr.mk xx tp. Basically the range you won’t crossup but just get back in after a blocked string. Maybe it’s “safer” in those scenarios.


I agree.

How about Yang’s safe jump off of sweep? What is it?


Also can you option select Akumas teleport with ultra or roll kick?

When I do it, it doesn’t chase him. It just does it immediately. I’m doing it off throw btw


I’m trying to figure out backdash OS and such with Yang, but unlike a character with Ryu where I can just do meaty cr.lk+cr.lp > cr.lp+cr.hk, it seems Yang does the cr.hk regardless. Tried plinking it, and delaying the cr.hk, but it either out prioritizes the cr.lk or it never comes out.

Even in one of the threads it says cr.lk > cr.lk+cr.hk.


You can do meaty cr.lp (os hk) cr.lp or lk. It works exactly the same as ryu in this case.

You can OS between cr.lk, cr.lk but that’s harder to do because it’s not a chainable normal, so you have to time it perfectly during the recovery frames of the move, same way sagat players do.

Alternatively, the best backdash OS is actually cr.lp, (os rekka), s.lk/lp. You have to time the special so it’s not a cancel. This catches all backdashes (hk doesn’t on the best backdashes) and does way more damage vs characters that you can catch grounded.


Yeah at locals I found out it’s because they’re links not chains, so ex: Vega has the same issue.

I’m practicing using cr.lp rekka, but I find that while I can get it to work (cr.lp st.lp on hit/block, cr.lp whiff rekka on backdash), the rekka gets blocked in time. Right now I’m testing it vs Yang but his backdash is lengthy so it’s a bit surprising.

But yeah I’m assuming this is why one might do a meaty cr.lp over cr.lk, even though you give up the low you get more options off of it.

Still searching match vids and forums for OS’, I have a lot to prove at locals coming from other fighters such as BlazBlue+GuiltyGear, so right now it’s a slug fest through outdated information and playing catch up for all the years of sf4 I missed. Any other advice or OS’ would be great. I’ll keep practicing to try and get it to work in the meantime~


Well you can OS off cr.lk. Something like cr.lk (cr.hk) cr.lk does work, it just requires practice and timing.

You can also OS ultras pretty easily and reliably, that’s probably your go to option once you have ultra stocked. Though even u2 won’t reach the god tier backdashes (rose and chun come to mind).

Due to sf4’s gigantic input window, you can OS pretty much anything (throws, dashes, jumps, teleports…you name it). Really, it’s just a matter of creativity.

I recommend you check Momochi’s channel, he has a lot of extensive info on OS’s. This video in particular is very interesting (same principle works for yang, though his s.mp is shittier and much harder to hit reliably).


Yeah I had actually already gone through most of that series but it’s good, surprised people seem to be only learning about them recently. Glad you linked in though incase I had not.

Guy in my scene mains Rose, so I’ve been trying to see Yang’s options but no u2 is upsetting =[

I guess a different question I have is I saw a Yang do a very creative corner correct combo, stuff > rekka rekka > [fadc lvl 2] > 66 > lk.Kaihou > cl.mk > j.3mk > cl.mk > hk.Senkyutai. I messed around a little and sadly because of how focus prorates it seems to only be good for style or corner correct, but that said I had trouble linking cl.mk after the teleport. I’m assuming it must be character specific or have super tight timing?

Feel free to plug any other Yang info, I know that’s a tall order so only do it if you feel generous. In the meantime, back to plowing through pages and pages of info DX


The crumple LK Kaihou Launcher is super tight on several characters, but I think it works on all of them.


For some reason when I randomly tried it again but on Ibuki, it was super easy. Like making sure it’s a lvl 2 focus was the hard part, but she comboed easily after that. I’ll have to actually sit down and try it on a few characters, the corner correct would be incredibly useful, and a little extra style is nice; as long as I can do it consistently.


What are the best setups in the corner? Specifically off the launcher or after rekkas?

I know some of the fake crossups with HK but I consider that more of a gimmick than anything


Not sure if this has been asked but:
after cl.mk, why is it Mago alternates between jump cancelling it into divekick cl.mk and dash clmk?
Is which followup you can get after cl.mk character specific?