Yang resets

Well everyone has posted things like combos, moves with good priority, etc…

Fabio was wondering about good resets for he does not have many good ideas for these situations.

Fabio so far has:

sp, exrolling kick, sp into lk teleport, (reset) into:

  1. hcb k grab, ex mantis slash.

  2. regular grab

  3. c.lk ex mantis slash

  4. cross over with rk divekick (don’t know if it’s possible though)

True_Tech wants to know why fabio feels the need to speak in the third person

Blackstar feels the same way. He also wants to know what you mean by sp. Blackstar wonders if it means s.punch or special or what

Kinetix thinks that Fabio means strong punch when he says sp. Kinetix is also bored and has a little time, so…

close st. forward -> forward roll kick -> st. jab [x teleport] reset

  • This pretty much works on everyone, but I think that there’s a few chars where even the st. jab misses (not at home to test, no time either).

command grab -> close st. forward -> (sj. cancel) sj. roundhouse

  • Yang’s best reset, but the close st. forward after the command grab is char specific (chun, makoto, etc.).

fabio already covered: [st. strong] ex roll kick -> st. strong/jab [x teleport] reset

  • st. strong is an option here because sometimes ex roll kick is used in wake-up

( corner )
palm -> st. fierce
palm -> slash x2, slash x2, st. fierce reset.

  • Mantis slashes after the palm are char specific, so for those chars you can’t slash you can possibly reset with a st. fierce (not sure who you can’t reset in the corner with a st. fierce).

( corner )
close st. forward -> slash x2 -> st. fierce

  • different reset/combo for close st. forward if you’re in the corner

Fabio pretty much has the gist of what to do after the reset. Some of these mix-ups are dependent on the type of reset used:

  • command grab
  • throw
  • close st. forward
  • [ex] slash
  • low forward/short x [ex] slash
  • st. strong/fierce x [ex] slash
  • UOH -> st. short x ex slash (or other hit confirmable ex slashes also)
  • do nothing and bait something to punish

Doing all this makes me think that maybe this forum should also have “the complete _____” thread. Any comments on what I typed, should be corrected/added/whatever, fire away.

x2 - means times 2
st jab [x teleport] - the ‘x teleport’ within the brackets indicates that you could cancel the jab into a teleport if you wanted to

Because Fabio is egocentric and loves himself. and has always done it.

Fabio does not know why people hate the teleport that much, it is an exceptional tool that allows Yang some reset options and mind games, while his regular dash does not cut it. poking with an lk into lk teleport and then grabbing or c.lk mantis slashing works for me. although teleporting in front of an opponent who could really punish Yang is not recommended, Fabio believes that nonetheless, the teleport offers variety to Yang’s game.

because the teleport has bad recovery and no invincibility while it nice for mixups/resets you can be hit out of it like nothing

Fabio still considers it good for multiple purposes. It’s aesthetic value is tremendous, as well as the ability to psyche out. better than the regular dash as well. Fabio agrees with you however.

first a whiney bitch, now a dude talking in the 3rd…some strange Yang users out there.

teleport after knockdowns is good, otherwise avoid it.

Fabio is great.

Fabio likes u too.

Fabio has also noticed that Yang has a good crossover option against Yun.

The command grab and fp mantis slashes make some kind of glitch in the middle of the screen. Yang ends up really close, within grab range, after the slashes and can crossover Yun pretty easily with a fk or rk divekick. Are there any other characters that this happens to, Fabio is usually playing against Yuns and has only played other top tiers recently, so he doesn’t know the ghist of it.

btw command grab owns everything.

Which is why Fabio’s nose had become so.