Yang SA1: How to play

This forum needs more love, and SA1 Yang isn’t all that bad a choice, you just have to play him differently.

With SA1 the big problem is lack of stored meter for EX Slashes, (he builds meter rather fast, but you only get one bar of SA1). You can use them, but they would have to be more rare if you are going to use SA1 at some point.

SA1 = King Punisher.

If your the person you are playing whiffs, or makes one small mistake, or leaves one little opening, SA1 is a fast punisher, and it stings, alot. Most of the time Yang (with SA2) is used for rush, and you can still rush with SA1 Yang, but now you have the option of holding back for a bit, see if you can make them goof, and SA1. This is probably going to be the main tool for having it.

You can of course combo into it, although not many ways are useful. Cr.LKx3 or Cr.LPx3 are useful and hit confirmable, but a little hard to get off for some. Cr.MK XX SA1. Close St.FP (cancel first hit, not that hit confirmable though). Command Grab XX SA1 rapes it’s damage, chain xx SA1 is near useless, and if you time it right (not worth it imo) you can get a full super off of a landed close MK, but if you have a full meter and can’t use the SA, I would blast some EX Slashes off instead of trying to force the SA in.

Any ideas or thoughts? This isn’t a “SA1 > SA2” thread, this is a Yang SA1 thread.

SA 1 > SA2. That’s all I have to contribute. :tup:

Well, I can think of two idea’s that might help…

  1. It is possable to connect with it after a close Roundhouse Rollkick, though the damage sucks it can be a good match ender when its a close game…

  2. Upon block this SA gives you some frame advantage, and this you can use to either set up spacing or to get a free attacking in due to the other guy thinking your wide open…

Hope that helps somewhat…

7 frame startup is good for punishing?

If anything, the only use I could see from it would be to use its invincibility frames to get out of some sticky situations.

exactly what i was about to say…


i can understand sa3 threads…this thread is like 40% “how do i use yang?”.

you can hit confirm close fierce, and you can t cro lk X 3

stakka is on the right track, theres a few technical situations you can cause, i ll get to it, class in 30 and i m starving