Yang SAII vs Yun SAII

Both in SAII, Whos better? I say Yang…

I wouild have to give it to Yun speed priority he has it all so what if he doesn’t a “hard-to-blockable,” it freakin GJ!

he’s talking about SAII, not SAIII

both supers are quite crappy
the only reason why Yang’s super is better is because he needs the bars for EX mantis slashes.

cr.mk > slashes gogogo!

thats what im saying

Yun’s SAII is better than Yang’s SAII (much quicker and seems much easier to combo) but unlike Yun, Yang’s EX moves are what ‘makes’ him. So the move itself isn’t as good, but that just means you got a lot of EX to use.

Actaully, Yangs SAII is 1 frame start up (Point Blank), and Yuns SAII is a 3 frame start up…

outside pointblank, yun’s SAII doesn’t even hit after the second hit

it’s not like you’re supposed to use the super on it’s own though.

for the length of bar + ease in comboing into + damage, Sourai Rengeki > Tenshin Senkyutai. Yang doesn’t even need the super itself. just meter for EXes.


Hey, Yangs SA2 is pretty decent for punishing obvious fireballs too.

Yang is way better if Yun can’t use SA3.

yang has easier time, yun can still win…FAST

I think Yang is definitely better than Genei-less Yun

Oh my bad, in that case it goes to yang. EX MANTIS MADNESS!!!

Yeah, I think several people missed the point that if the super gives useful EX to Yang, that makes the super good, not the super itself.

And Yun doesnt have enough ways to get damage w/o genei jin, Yang is much better.

yun is great no matter what and i spit upon whomever disagrees

looks at av… genie jin is great, yun is ok at best.

/me spits on everdred

Why is this thread still alive?

Yun is great, Ken is better.