Yang Super Noob in Need of Help

Hey I’am new to Yang and I don’t know what to learn/focus on, or how to really apply anything into combos or links that are effective, can somebody help me out, I’am completely lost with his character, and I really wanna play this guy DX

You’re really being too vague for anyone to help you. Watch lots of match videos, learn bread and butters, and learn how to play Street Fighter. To be completely honest though, Yang probably isn’t worth picking up for someone completely new. You have to play ridiculously fundamentally sound and consistent to get anything done, and in general you’ll be working a lot harder than most characters do for your damage. That’s just my opinion. If you really want to play this character, then by all means have at it but it will require more work than just asking vague “HELP ME WITH EVERYTHING” questions. So again, start by doing a lot of reading on what’s already been written (maybe in general thread or FAQ thread), hit training mode and watch a lot of match videos.

kk coolio bro, sorry about that