Yang ... super technical yet underwhelming character?



I love Yang’s fighting style, but I can’t for the life of me manage to be as successful when using him online as I am with other characters. I’ve played a lot of Gen, Guy, Adon, Blanka, Bison and Rolento, and all of these characters I have a roughly equal win ratio (around 80%) with; Yang, however, I lose a lot more with. Is he underwhelming or am I just playing him wrong? I also have the feeling that he suffers greatly against DP mashers. 200 damage from a derp srk is just a lot … Too much given how often I miss his tight links. I also feel like he lacks good a good anti-air. Does he have any anti-air normals? St mk? Is it reliable or super situational? He also lacks a reliable crossups. His crossup is so bad that it requires precise setups. And he has hitbox issues with st lp that makes him miss his decent combos on some characters, plus inconsistent effects with st mp into srk.

I also feel like landing he Rekka fadc ultra in a match is hard. HP Rekka has a weird timing unless you mash them out quickly, and if you do that you lose the rhythm. Dashing into ultra is also hard, especially from the left.


Both far standing mk and close standing mk are good anti airs, i hit jump ins with launcher all the time.

play safer pressure against DP characters. LP rekka is only -2 so they can’t DP it. If they’re super DP happy then play it safe on their wakeup and bait it or be careful with your pressure.

The only tight links he has are cl. mp into far mp or cr. mk, both one frames. Also his mp palm fadc jab is another one frame. cr. lk into a jab is one frame but you shouldn’t be going for that

His jumping mk is now a perfectly usable crossup that I can use after a mk dp combo ender or even just at neutral against average and large hitbox characters and even some of the small/skinny ones with the right spacing.

you should be using cr. lk and cr. mk against characters that low profile his standing jab

rekka fadc ultra is tough until you find the timing, then it’s completely consistent. As you’re dashing, buffer the motion and then time your 3x punch or kick for when he lands. U2 also got 2 reduced frames of startup so it’s an even easier combo.

HP rekka is fine and consistent, just practice. A lot of people have trouble doing tougher motions from 1p side.

He IS weaker than he could be but not for any of the reasons you listed.


If his st mk is reliable as aa then that makes a world of difference. I will have fun anti-airing people and following up with Ultra. The times I have attempted that it has cost me the round due to ridiculous priority of shoto jumpins, though. I will try it some more! I don’t have trouble doing HP Rekka unless I am going for an FADC afterwards. For some reason I mess up the timing for the Rekka when doing that.

Are teleport mixups worth it? I have begun experimenting a bit and noticed some weird properties on some normals that could be helpful when going for these. So far I have always been lp mashed out of tele mixups but maybe if I apply them in more effective ways they can prove very effective (I seldom see Mago using them, though).

I don’t get how dash into Ultra is humanly possible from 1P side. Haha. Well, I can do it sometimes, but not consistently. FADC into Ultra is easier speed wise, but I mess that one up for other (unknown) reasons. I have noticed I need to do the input differently depending on which side I am on. If I am on 1P side I do the last Rekka motion a half circle, from down to up, instead of a quarter circle, so that it becomes easier to input the dashing afterwards. On the 2P side I do the Rekkas regularly.

I find his cr lk links to be hard. Are those two framers? They feel MUCH harder than for Bison. I could have sworn that mp into mp was a one framer. My friend (the Bison player Kwiddo, btw) told me it was a two framer but I was certain I landed it easier while plinking!

Yeah, it takes time to adjust to your theoretical knowledge in certain matchups (referring to the low profile ones). I just won’t be able to combo into dp against those characters, and that makes such a huge difference. Well, I will in some cases, but hitconfirming to it becomes so much harder.

Do you consistently pull off mk launcher xx sjc > dive kick > ultra? It seems even harder than dash to ultra … I noticed in training mode that you can actually just do walk up Ultra after an mk launch, but the problem is it works inconsistently depending on the character. Any tips for that one? I notice it is easy vs Ryu and tough vs Fei.


Teleport mixups will work but you can’t just use them whenever because you’re never at frame advantage after a normal cancelled into teleport (unless you reset them airborne), maybe a few times a set it will catch people or if you’ve conditioned someone to stop pressing buttons in your strings then they can be useful and rewarding.

Also for rekka FADC U1 the best tactic I find is to slightly delay the input of the 2nd rekka (don’t delay it so much that it won’t combo obviously), you can then use the last input of the rekka motion (forward) as the first part of the dash (keep holding forward after inputting the 2nd rekka) then just hit focus and input forward once more to complete the FADC, you still have to be quick inputting the Ultra though so just grind it out in training.


RE: AA’ing - why not just use his LK roll kick? Doesn’t trade. I’ve also found Yang to be quite technical but then again I’ve only recently started using him.


When I get tired of losing because of using Yang I switch to Blanka or Bison and auto-pilot my way to an effortless victory. Not nearly as rewarding, though. Really, Yang is by far the character I do worst with out of the ones I’ve used.

Thanks for the replies by the way! LK srk works but you don’t always have time for that.

I’ll give you guys a great Tele mixup I’ve found: sweep> LK tele. Looks like it crosses up but doesn’t. Here’s the sweet part: hold forward a bit before pressing LK after the motion and you WILL cross up! Impossible to tell; have fun!


The only thing with sweep is the knockdown ranges are different. What sweep range did that mix up work on?


Because that doesn’t always leave you in a favorable position when you land, though at the right height you can get dp juggles

And launcher into hk dp is way better

Just get better at reacting to jumps I guess?


The first teleport mixup I usually do is rekka rekka fadc close mp xx teleport usually into launcher.

They either get hit which is great! Or they react and it works as a tell for what they like to do under pressure.

I also do rekka rekka fadc launcher dash close mp xx teleport and then wait cuz that’s an obvious reset. But you’ll be safe against anything but a throw.

Against charge characters especially, after a dp knock down that they don’t quick rise from, walking up briefly and then lk teleport crosses up and you’ll probably catch them blocking the wrong way. This is most effective when you’re going a bit nuts with pressure/combos and they’re thrown for a loop.

There’s also fun stuff with seiei enbu thanks to his far mp being cancelable.

The most I see mago use it is after an anti air/back dash rekka he does far mp xx teleport to close the gap. Important to know/remember that far mp has a juggle point.

I dunno man I just do the motions, just quarter circles. But I’ve been playing for a long time.

Yep its a two frame link but it’s all about that rhythm. Offline I never drop it.

Your friend is wrong, cl. Mp is +6 and far Mp and cr. Mk are both 6 frame startup so they’re one frame links.

Nope, because I never ever choose ultra 1. ultra 2 is faster and so an easier link. It’s antifireball obviously, you can dp fadc into nonanimation, but damage is damage for yang and how often do you get a chance to land u1 in the heat of the moment.

It also juggles off of fucking EVERYTHING

Ex rekka? Yep. 3 rekkas fadc in the corner? Yep. After an anti-air dp? Yep. After launcher x2? Yep. Hp palm? Yep. Ex palm? Yep. Lkmkhk target combo in the corner? You’re goddamn right.


The extremely good lk tele mixup I speak of is possible from close sweeps.But the one from far sweep looks extremely deceiving as well. It will take some time for even a good player to adjust to that, even without the mixup.

I didn’t know U2 juggled from lkmkhk. Knew about the rest. Or from aa srk. I pick U1 because it looks so awesome, and because I want to get good enough to land it consistently.

Isn’t it better to combo into launcher from fadc and go for a sjc HP into a tele mixup instead? You lose out on damage at the moment, and the mixup aspect doesn’t strike me as better for that setup. What do you think?

Also, what do you mean by far mp juggle point? Speaking of mp and tele mixups, mp pushes Yang forward and makes lk tele cross up when connecting it from other moves won’t. It’s great for tele mixups. On airborne enemies the reverse applies: do mp into lk tele for non mixup and cr mk into tele for crossup. Sure it will get them most of the time.


But the thing is that the teleport mixups won’t work very well against scrubs who mash and higher level players where after they get hit with a teleport mixup once they’ll jab or dp you for it next time.

They work well in one off games in ranked or people who aren’t very good at the game, but over a long set or in tournament play, you’re gonna need to rely far more on fundamentals than unsafe teleport mixups

And you can go for the j. Hp reset but, again, they can just dp out of it. Launcher into hk dp gives you corner carry and damage and stun. Jumping hp mixups can be useful but you want your opponent in the corner whenever possible and that’s more a midscreen maneuver

Basically all his mixups and resets seem super good and top tier until you actually play the character against good players (or grapplers) and realize that if you can’t play footsies you might wanna look elsewhere

You can also combo light dp and ex dp after the target combo. If you’re feeling fancy and have three bars you can do that target combo fadc ex dp midscreen, it does 250 damage but it looks dope

What I mean is, when your opponent is in a juggle state, which includes launcher but that’s not what I’m talking about right now because you can hit with anything after launcher, you can use far mp the same way you can use far hp to reset them and make them flip out of the air. For instance, after ex rekkas in the corner the standard ender is mk dp, but you can also hold back and press far mp and cancel it into a teleport or whatever. It also connects after palm in the corner. And after two launchers when before it was only dp or divekick that would connect.

But, again, I feel like you’re overestimating how good teleport mixups are outside of one or two matches against someone who isn’t great at the game.

With yang mixups and resets are a relatively small portion of what you need to play him. Resets can give decent damage and stun, but a lot of the time you should just finish your combo unless you’re confident it’ll work or you can make it safe.


Does the launcher trade often as an AA? I tend to prefer AA’s that beat out jumps since I like to play very conservatively.


Yeah, man, tele mixups off of resets aren’t that good, but after a sweep I think it’s much harder to react to. Jabs will obviously lose against your setups if you are on plus frames. Dp is kind of God mode though. I personally think iframe moves dominate this game way too much. So mindless. My solution would be to make only ex versions invincible. At the very least get rid of the horrible auto correct.

Btw, dive kicks seem borderline useless in a lot of match ups too. Yang seems to rely more on footsies. He’s weird, because his game plan is actually very different from what his move set suggests.


it’s not a very good divekick, it’s true

but it’s really far from useless, it’s just like you said, his game plan is just different than what you’d assume at first blush in order to really complete him


In response to the OP, my simple verdict from what I’ve played with the character is that he’s very tight on some aspects of execution in which other characters aren’t, and gets equally or less rewarded in those scenarios. Rekka FADC U1 is one little trick that comes to my mind, it’s a very tight link for your ultra and two bars that a lot of other characters can get for less effort. After training him for a couple of hours I had the timing down for it but it was still difficult.

Obviously his entire reset game is quite technical as well as it requires perfect timing and reading of the opponent. But yeah, I can agree for the effort you put in with this character he can definitely feel underwhelming sometimes. My Yang is only about 2 days old and I haven’t played him for a while, these are just some things I remember after wanting to play him today and visiting the sub-forum.


Saw Bison and Blanka autopilot, must be XBL.


Yeah, it is. Neither is far from auto-pilot in matches against high level players; it’s just that a lot of (pretty good) XBL players don’t really know how to play against Blanka. Seriously, I’ve beaten 4000+ PP players by spamming ball, basically.


Clearly teleport must be reserved only for the easiest of foes.

Not like that sort of silliness should work on any above average player.



There are specific instances where it works, lika aforementioned one after sweep. You can choose if it crosses up.


It has quite good application from air resets and such on making the player guess which side you’ll land on, it’s actually a really good tool in the right spots. I’m not 100% on this either but EX might be a handy “Get me out of the corner” tool if the opponent tries an ambiguous jump-in, but that’s only a maybe…I’m not heavily into my Yang practice atm.