Yang Unblockable Setups



Hey, I’m a bit out of my element here but there are a bunch of unblockables mentioned in various giant threads and youtube videos that are otherwise unavailable in one place and untested in v. 2012. So here are all of the setups I found and which characters they purportedly work on.

Forward throw, dash forward, jump forward (slight delay, about 4 box height in training stage) mk divekick - Fei Long, Sakura, Gen, Honda, Viper, Claw, Abel

cr. lp, s. lp, s.lp, cr. rh, step forward (1/2 box) min height mk divekick - Fei Long, Viper, Claw, Abel

(Corner) forward throw, dash forward, wait a few frames, jump forward mk - Cody, Akuma, Ibuki

(Corner) partial animation U2, MP rekka, LP rekka, jump forward mk - Cody, Akuma, Ibuki, Guile

Forward throw, dash forward, jump mk. - Claw, Dee Jay

(Corner) Forward throw, dash forward, max height lk divekick - Seth

HP Rekka, dash forward, min (?) height hk divekick - Guile

(Thanks, HAV)

So far this is all hearsay and I won’t have any time to lab this stuff for a few days, but if anyone knows any other setups from prior to 2012 or can confirm/deny these ones for 2012, feel free to add stuff and I’ll update it.


awwww sweet. been looking for this.

i’ll start running some tests and note which ones work, and which ones arent really viable due to reversals and such


Haha, I totally forgot about this post. I’ll try to get back to it, but BBCS:EX is taking up a lot of my fightan’ time at the moment.


St.lp~cr.mk xx MK DP. Than, cross up Mk.
That’s an unblockable on Deejay. He can only beat it with meter or if he doesn’t quick rise.


Does that setup work off a command grab?


Yes it does. It’s also an unblockable on Seth in the corner. For Seth you gotta aim the cross up to hit his neck :slight_smile:


Just found another unblockable on Seth in the corner. Clst.Mk, dash, Clst.Mk, dash, than Mk DP. Than, immediate cross up aiming at his neck.


A lot of Mk Dp ending combos work against Seth in the corner.
HP xx MK Dp and MP xx MK Dp work also. Try it for yourself.




From japanese Yang player Megane

Foward throw dash foward walk slightly foward aim for crossup lk dive kick, so the dive kick hits their back.

Unblockable on:
Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu, Makoto, Guile

Fake Cross Up on
Akuma, Sakura, Yun, Yang, Ibuki, Dan, Abel, Fei Long, Gen, Cody, Guy, Hakan

Crosses Up
Adon, Gouken, Claw, Oni, Dictator

Got it from the JP BBS, he says that’s it very easy to do on Guile you dont even need to set it up, you just need to aim to cross them up with lk dive kick and it should be an unblockable.




Yeah man, good work getting all this info.


Anyone get the unblockables to work after forward throw and MK divekick in the first post? Seems like I can only get the divekick to cross up and it can still be blocked by blocking like you would any other crossup. Also I cant get the divekick to hit Gen or Abel at all. I was also wondering if anyone got the unblockables to work by Megane since I haven’t been able to get those working at all either


The one by megane works for me, actually it works on Akuma as well for me. The trick is to just walk forward, jump forward and do the divekick as low as possible.
First setup works as well, at least on Fei long, I haven’t really tried on the other characters.


Those set-ups were from AE, not 2012. Some may or may not still work.


I think Gen wakes up two frames later than most characters and on top of that if he wakes up in a neutral position his hurtbox is smaller than normally. Could be why you’re having trouble.


I actually got it to work later on after posting, but doing what you said made much more consistent and make sense :slight_smile:
I’m just gonna assume that the other unblockables, the first ones stated by HAV in the first post, aren’t unblockables anymore but are hella ambiguous crossups though, which is always helpful. That, or the timing is extremely strict since I still cant get them to work. I’ll have to really test it on Fei Long if it is still works on him. Anyway, thanks for the replies peeps.


Hey I wanted to ask about this setup I saw some Japanese Yangs using
In corner, ending combo with non-full animation U2 (e.g., mk launcher, palm, U2)
triple dash
jump forward mk cross up
This seems ambiguous, my friend was telling me that he couldn’t block the jump mk as a cross up (although I ended up crossing up and being in the corner)
What I wanna ask though, is whether there’s a way I could do this set up so that I land away from the corner instead (IE not changing sides and ending up in the corner). I remember seeing some videos whereby this happens


^^^thats an unblockable/reverse blockable(cant remember) on a few characters


Ok, time to test it
Risky part is if I time the dash imperfectly, my jump mk whiffs and I get punished