Yang version of the Rindoukan Bible



To help better my self as a yang player and other, i believe that there should be a guide similar to the Rindoukan bible. Yes, this would take a lot of effort and i have indesign, photoshop, and illustrator experience. The thing i don’t really have is knowledge with this character and i know most of you all do from reading these forums. I feel that i don’t want to copy the Rindoukan bible, this should be a project that we can improve on as players and be something that would be in depth but easy to understand form new players. I know i had just came on this forum with a very ambitious idea, but i think we could do make this big and with time and effort this can become a reality.         <div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Right now before i jump into this project i would really like to know what most of you guys think and how we can approach this and what we can bring to the table.</div>


go for it , man !!!


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<div class=“QuoteText”>go for it , man !!!</div>

Thanks, ill try my best.<div><br></div>


If you do this, I’ll actually pick up Yang and stick with him! Right now, I only use him if someone is salty.


I’m totally down to help, I main Yang and even being just an average player I can probably give some acceptable insight. Even if I’m wrong the better players can just shoot me down! In the end I just want more people to give Yang a look, he’s an undervalued character who has actually caused me to become more solid, and he’s quite fun to boot.<br>You don’t have to copy the Rindoukan Bible, but it’s formatted quite well and it never hurts to use good ideas from your inspiration.


It’d be great to have everything complied and easy to view - good idea.  I’m sure Yang forums will help in any way.


This isn’t even a bump since it’s 3rd on the page. What happened guise!?


I’d pick up yang again if i had some where to help guide me.


If you’re able to do this I would appreciate it so much! I want to fully commit to play Yang, but after I lose a match I know I could win I find myself always running back to my other characters ):


This, or I pick Cammy since she counters bad matchups for me and I’m decent with her lol.


Still want to do the guide, but im gonna wait until the update comes out for AE first.


I’ve started one. It’s only the first chapter so it covers his normals, Specials and Ultra’s. Also has BnB’s and FADC stuff. Maybe it can help you out.


NICE ! ~ ! ~ !


Thanks dude, i’m trying to get it on SRK’s front page lol Also if anyone is highly proficient with his Sei’ei enbu stuff i’d like them to record the lk > palm loop as i just can’t do it lol


Good video. The only thing I’d change would be to show the FADC combos done straight from a cr. MK rather than doing light attacks before it. I’ve been thinking for a while to do some simple tutorial videos but never got around to it. I might be able to record some combos and resets if you need any help but I can’t do that st. LK xx Palm loop either.


I thought about leaving the lights out of the FADC stuff but I decided against it simply because showing confirms from lights will make learning him from the ground up easier. I know quite a few mix-ups/resets but i’m also looking for some really obscure ones too so if you know of any i’d appreciate you sharing them with me…i’d credit you of course :P.

Dammit! maybe i’ll ask Koufdell if I can use his video and just throw it in lol


This would be amazing!!! The forums are helpful and all, but for each charcther there is so much repeated information it mostly becomes unintellgible.


Funny thing is…I’d like to make a guide to help myself get good with yang…but since I suck with yang I can’t help with the guide. XD lets study the hell out of kyoku, nemo, best the birds, and any other yang player who seems to maintain mad points while playing yang! I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Do you think it would help if I share how I get my ass kicked with yang? Vent out my yang frustrations! Sometimes I actually lose matches I should win. Just brainstorming techniques and struggles might be a good idea. Throwing out random thoughts and ideas…like I am right here right now!


You seem like an all-around nice person to be around.


Very nice, good stuff man! :slight_smile: I’d be glad to help in any way I can.