Yang vs Chun Li

I’ve been playing as Yang for a short while, and I may even make him my main if I get better with him than I am with Ken. But it seems that I have major problems with Chun, even shitty ones. You know that “unorthodox character” advantage you get when you use a character the other person doesn’t play against often? For some reason, I don’t get that feeling with Yang. My defense takes a big plunge (where I’m getting hit by non-hit-confirmed c.MK xx super) and other stupid shit, compared to when I use other characters.

Random notes:
-UOH crosses Chun when she gets up (both regular and quickrise I believe)
-close MK hits after command grab
-Chun is short while crouching so EX mantis doesn’t always hit properly
-parried dive kick can guarantee a close HK or c.MK for Chun
-most Chuns don’t reverse blocked mantis, but 2+ regular ones or 3+ EX are punishable

Basically, my style is kind of like Goemon. Lots of dive kicks, switching sides often, and generally all offense (which may be why I’m not winning enough). Crossup UOH or dive kick into c.jab x 3, or close MP into whatever is a favourite of mine. I also try to use that “close MK sjc early HK, land, command grab, repeat” the way Goemon does but people catch on pretty fast. In a recent video of Roshihikari vs Nuki, he does a lot of random regular mantis, which to my surprise seems to be hitting Chun out of her pokes. Any details I should know about that?

We all know that Chun is weakest at the beginning of the match, so I try to capitalize on that by killing her fast with lots of parrying, but it takes longer than when I use Ken. So often, she gets meter before the round is over and I end up losing. And letting a Chun get the lead = bad news.

dont jump i learned this the hard way…im serisous i only jump about 2-5 times a MATCH against shotos…and all those notes go with everyone…ACCEPT the chun one where EX manties dont hit her because they ALWAYS hit her your just messing them up…some people are gonna argue with me here but i dont like jab-jab-jab-ex you can parry jabs high and low and his jabs have 3 frame start up do you can just get thrown EVEN if you cancel into EX i prefer cr.short-EX…and if you do dive kicks combo into one of his 3 target chains…mp-hp-back hp (and cancel into SA2) or MP-LK-EX(like this one due to its mad hit confirm) or LK-MK-HK (dont like this one) for wake up i like HP (occastionally!) because you can hit confirm it into any slash(at least i can:rolleyes: )and if they parry 1 hit the second hit comes out before they can do anything…

Dont be stupid play smart you have to be smart to play yang DONT REPEAT YOURSELF to often because people WILL parry and you will fall…dont try to parry ENLESS you are 100%posotive a move is coming and you know you can parry it or you are forced to (ex full parry a SA)…

IME ive played against many a good chuns…you want her to come after you (no matter who you are) because she has 0 offence besides your SA…and if she has to try and get her to waste it…IF YOU EVER PARRY A SUPER CANCELABLE MOVE DO A SHORT OR A JAB AFTER so it stuffs her SA…use his command grab more into c.mk MP manties (or EX)…and as for that random EX slashes thing dont do it alot you can get away with it sometimes if you lucky catches most peopel off guard…GET HER INTO THE CORNER everytime i won against a chun it was because she was in the corner…use UOH-LK-EX manties…its a HUGE part of his mix-up game but even better against chun abuse this get her to block high then WHAM get her low(by abuse i mean but it in your areseanl dont sit there just doing that)

thats about all i can think of…DONT JUMP you will lose if you do

I rather put it this way, “Jump, but never divekick into her unless it’s a cross-up”

I wouldn’t bump a thread this old unless I had no choice, but there’s no other vs Chun thread within the last year.

Anyway, I was testing things you can do after parrying Chun’s common hit-confirmable normals (mainly c.MK), and I found some interesting results:

MK senkyutai (ONLY MK, not EX or any of the others) works extremely well. Once you parry a c.MK you gain 3 frames for free; if you do the senkyutai within what seems like 2 frames (ie. you need to see the first frame of the roll animation begin), it will stuff her super cleanly because the roll animation stops when the startup of her super causes her to run into it. If she doesn’t cancel, even at max range the senkyutai will roll toward her and hit just in time. As long as you do it quickly it’s virtually foolproof. s.LK x EX mantis also works even at max range, but you have to be quick to hit before she draws back her leg.

So I suppose the situations would go like this:

she has no super = c.MK x [EX] mantis (or any common punisher)
use no meter + she has a stock = MK senkyutai (safe even if uncancelled)
use meter + she has a stock = LK x EX mantis

There are a few other things that work too like far MP but it doesn’t always reach. I’ll try out the senkyutai in a match whenever I get the chance to see if it’s practical. Probably more difficult to do on the fly vs real people, but not enough so that it’s useless.

Can you punish ex spinning bird kick with mantis slashes and as for the matchup

Beginning of match,use lots of grabs/command grabs until she gets meter, getting grabbed all the time is going to make her use ex-spinning bird kick which brings me back to my question of can you punish it with ex mantis slashes?

besides that, use UOH to hop over her random low forwards and use slashes as punishers to her whiffs.

Actually if you just duck it, it should go right under you, and then from there you can do cr. mk xx slashes.

cool mixup against chun
after a close mk if you super jump and hit chun with yangs air chain as early as possible you can walk under her and launch again, command grab, or whatever you wanna do. I think you can even un cross at the last second to fake em out.

Do both hits of the air chain connect? On other characters the 2nd hit usually doesn’t for me.

nah just the first hit. i dont think the second hit hits anyone