Yang vs Dudley

I have trouble with this match up. Anyone got some tips for this one? I seem to get busted in the face once and then the match becomes equal for him. I also can’t stop dudley from jumping very easily besides meeting him air to air. But Dudleys jumping fierce and mp seem to beat yangs good air to airs.

Well basically i don’t use Yang vs Dudley very often, but i’ve lost to Dudleys simply because i got parried and lost 1/2 my life, i got random corkscrewed, or random turnblowed out of throws.

Just looking for some tips from someone who knows the match up better than me.

Jump fierce should be good against dudley

Also at certain distances you can make it near impossible for him to jump in with an attack, just space yourself and counter jump ins with c.fierce occasionally. However, if you fuck up the distance it’s probably your ass

Also, if he’s jumping in from hella close, you can chance a walk under -> launch, though if he does jump rh really early, it might hit you in the face.

Also, c.rh is semi-useful against dudley during footsies/after he blocks a c.forward from you. Dudley’s pokes are pretty lacking in distance compared to yours, and ‘occasionally’ you can catch him with c.rh because it hits so far, and it tends to get him if he tries to walk in to position himsef again.

The twins can [IIRC] go under his s.fierce/f+fierce with their low forwards.

It’s better to stay on the ground against him, because if you jump in and he parries whatever you throw out [or if you look for a parry, you risk getting mixed up. Actually you risk getting mixed up by jumping in on him at all], you’re looking at 40ish% stun [parry -> normal -> upper]. Obviously I don’t mean to say never jump in on him, but it’s a lot more dangerous than other people.

Basically, try to limit contesting his jump ins. His jumpins are fucking insane, and the damage you would get from a successful parry -> punish is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what you risk if you fuck up.

If he abuses sweep, look to punish it. Walk back and forth and see if he bites. At the distance someone would think of sweeping, there’s little else that would hit you.

Here’s some random stuff.

I find that staying just outside of his st/f + fierce range and waiting for that to whiff leads to a free ex slash combo.

At some distances, consider lk senkyutai as an anti air. Not all the time though, because IIRC it can be stuff or trade with j. rh, and it’ll be in his favor.

Two hit air chain can be good against him because of how fat he is. I would say use it as a crossup to make it harder to parry.

And as Deadeye said, he can’t really do jack shit against cr. fierce at some distances, also if he jumps from a far for some odd reason, you have st. fierce, st. forward and other options and such.

But the key is to not let get a free jump on you, and/or a knockdown in the corner. Both scenarios lead to BIG damage for him, and that’s bad for you.

Hope that helps.

There’s nothing you can do. Just get hit by f+rh and combos. ^^

Pick Oro. Or just sit there like the guy above me said.

well use spacing with the low forward kick…the low forward can catch dudley with the tip of the kick and from there go into 3x hp slashes…when im engaging a dudley i come in with a hk dive kick into mp into palm…should shake him up a bit to get yourself set up for the basic low forward 3x slashes